Still Euphoric, But Day Four Looms

I’m in seventh heaven like the rest of you, but there is still a convention going on.

  • I read this and found it a little worrisome; “I’d like people to know what makes me work and what makes me tick and who I am, what I’m all about and where I come from,” Cindy McCain told ABC. “I have an interesting story to tell as well in that it combines the two of us and makes us a couple and what we will represent.” I don’t know. Cindy McCain is competent, but this makes it seem like she is going to take a primetime slot to promote herself. Especially after Sarah’s grand slam, she just can’t compete. I hope Cindy keeps it short, sweet and focused on John and not what makes her “tick”.

  • The docket seems thin tonight. Nancy Reagan adores John McCain. Could there be a surprise?

  • What happened to Arnold? Not the biggest fan, but he has start power, likes McCain and reinforces the campaign themes of reform and maverick status. Could he re-emerge?

  • Who else is left for primetime, Tom Ridge? Is he any good? It seems like we used up most of our primetime speakers sans Arnold. Is Bobby Jindal around?

  • Why not more Sarah? She’s a star. She never got her bio movie. I love those things. They are cheesy and transparent, but so effective. Can they integrate a Sarah bio into the McCain bio? “In the Governor of Alaska, McCain found his maverick soulmate” – key the sentimental overture and the endearing pics of the Palin clan in Alaskan.

  • Sarah’s ability to take and deliver a blow elevates McCain. He can take the high road and stay above the fray. Still, I feel he’s genuinely pissed. Tough guy McCain or above the fray McCain. Which will he choose, which will work best. Either way, I suspect a strong speech. Something very earnest, honest and endearing.