Who Turned Down The Heat On Obama

Since when did we let left wing bloggers dictate our news. I always knew the media was going to turn on McCain if he ever posed a viable threat. The media tries to maintain some appearance of professionalism, but they were never going to let McCain actually defeat Obama. Now, comes Sarah Palin. Now, the flop sweat is pouring. Now, the threat is real. The media is on the offensive. I say great. It is validation for Sarah Palin. The nomination of Sarah Palin legitimized their fears that Obama may actually lose this race. Worse yet, she’s charismatic, tough, hip, and a woman. She has the opportunity to reach out to whole new demographics and shake up media fed assumptions to the public about the stodgy old rich white guy party. The Left has convinced itself the average people will care about teen pregnancy. They also believe women should aspire to be like Carrie Bradshaw. They don’t and neither should we. Sarah hasn’t even had her coming out party. Just wait until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the man on the top of the ticket, the snake oil salesman from Chicago, slithers from the headlines and from his past. The AIP just finished up its first ad purchase. It was a 2.8 million dollar purchase that ran 7307 times in 14 markets. This was the Ayers ad that really struck a nerve before the Democratic convention. I believe we must go back on the offensive. If the media doesn’t want to play along, so be it. We still have free speech. McCain will not be able to accept donations soon. Lets give the AIP another big ad purchase in some new markets. Obama surrogates will be forced to run around the country and try to slander AIP, but at least the focus will be where it belongs – on Obama’s radical past. AIP has run the ad in Ohio and Michigan and a little in Pennsyvania and Virginia. It hasn’t even run out West yet. Ayers, Wright, the Born Alive Infant Act. That’s where the focus nees to be because the McCain camp won’t go there. Groups like the AIP must an rigth leaning bloggers must. Time to get tough. Time to get nasty. Bring it.