Time for Action; Let's Reclaim Our Convention

The next couple of days will not be about well reasoned arguments, rationalizations or reflection. It is a time for action. This is our convention, our celebration and we must reclaim it. It will be aired unfiltered in living rooms, bars and coffee shops across America. The media cannot control the raw footage.

The media has turned our Sarah into a major player. The tried to damage her, but they just gave her greater exposure. She has the star power of a number one now. She can be as big as Obama. Obviously, Sarah has a lot of prep work. She’s receiving a crash course right now, but tomorrow is her coming out party. Soon she will be unleashed.

The ovation that she will receive tomorrow will be unreal. It will shake up anybody whose is watching. That place will erupt for Sarah. ERUPT. I expect everyone at the convention to lose their voice. I want to see the talking heads rattled. I want to see passer-bys at the local tavern stop and watch in amazement. She is compelling. She will win them over.

But the energy, the visceral energy, and excitement is something that we all can control. It should radiate. Our enthusiasm should act like a contagion. People will see how spirited we are, how united we are, how popular she is, how great she is and realize there is something a lot bigger going on here than the media is letting on.

Let’s take back our convention. Its time for action, not for long winded debates. Ignore the dolts for now. We own the limelight, so lets use it to our advantage and show the world how excited we are and how wonderful she is. Throw a convention party. Invite independents and democrats . Scream your heads off. Celebrate this ticket. This is our time.