Country First; The GOP Convention and Gustav

It appears the McCain team is playing it by ear, since these storms are so unpredictable. But the new word is that the Twin Cities is being prepared to turn into a full service relief center should disaster strike. I applaud this decision. First and foremost, it’s the right thing to do. Secondly, it conforms with the theme of the McCain campaign – Country First. The selflessness and service of that image as juxtaposed to the preening self-aggrandizing show held at the Obamapolis exemplifies the difference between these two campaigns.

It’s a logistical nightmare to try to postpone or switch things around. Security and travel schedules are just too tenuous. There can be no celebrating while fellow Americans are driven from their homes in droves. The show must go on, but we can turn that show around. I hear that’s what they are planning to do. Speeches will be canceled and the convention morphed into a giant relief operation with conventioneers mobilized into a sort of giant phone bank. I think it’s a given that President Bush should man his post at the Oval Office. Same for Governor Jindal and other politicians from the Gulf states. McCain may even tour the Gulf earlier in the week, but the storm should subside by Thursday, when he is scheduled to speak. I think it imperative that Palin and McCain speak. Things should be calmer by Thursday. If need be, maybe some other key speeches can be pushed into Wednesday and Thursday.