Gratuitous Sarah Palin Fawning

I just need to vent. I am thrilled. One hundred percent behind John McCain now. Conservative principles are steadfast, but policies, images and messengers need to change. In Sarah Palin, we have both. We have the future. Steadfast traditional/libertarian conservatism in a fresh face. People will look at her and listen to her. Some things will be the same. The cosmopolitan glitterati will probably make fun of the moose hunter with a funny accent, but the heartland will adore her. To the women of the upper Midwest, meet the hockey mom. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, this is your party too. Join us. Obama, sit down. Here’s a real American story. Not a manufactured one born out of American victimization and identity politics.

My only fear is that we are running out of ‘West’. God bless Alaska. It seems that the free and open West has always provided conservatives with redemption. The great appreciation for freedom, the rugged individualism, the lack of state reliance and the ‘go West young man’ entrepreneurial migratory American culture have always spawned out best. We may have lost California, but we got Alaska. Thank you Alaska! Glorious day.

And Governor Palin, if that man of yours ever pulls a John Edwards, call me.