You've Got Keys; We'll Bring Some Real Noise

The only truly American political convention is a week away in the twin cities. This week the Democrats are going to try to exploit the McCain housing issue by having conventioneers bring and jingle keys. I recall how effective the GOP convention was in 2004 as compared to the Democrats. There was so much unity and organization. The simple chant of “flip flop” pierced through the convention center with such derisiveness that even the liberal pundits of the MSM took notice.

Anything they can do, we can do better. Is the GOP promoting any similar gimmicks this year? They should be, especially in light of this silly key demonstration. There should be some coordinated conversations amongst conventioneers, don’t you think? Obama’s half brother stuck in a shanty, his buddies Rezco and Ayers, his mocking of middle America. What do you think would make the best convention chant?

I personally hate that Obama’s brother’s name is George. There was so much potential there, but the association with Bush kills it. Imagine the GOP convention erupting in a thunderous chant of “Free George” or “Bring George Home”. Maybe people could set up little donations buckets around the convention hall with placards stating “Please Help George Obama Find A Home”

What would you recommend?