Lets Make This Stupid Veep Wait Backfire on Obama

Okay. I’m sick of this whole waiting game. Then it dawned on me that the Republicans are missing a grand opportunity and are also quite lucky. If Obama is going to make us play this silly – I know but I’m not telling game – lets make it hurt.

Candidates pick their veeps to complement their perceived weaknesses. In other words, all this veep talk is an open door for talking heads to discuss Obama’s shortcomings. Yes, he needs someone with foreign policy experience because he has none. Yes, he needs a moderate because he is too liberal and so on and so.

Also, it sets up another great Obama let down. Just like Obama can’t live up to his own hype neither will his selection. Women will be disappointed if he doesn’t pick a woman. Indianans got their hopes up high over Bayh. Virginians got their hopes up high over Kaine. Biden has a lot of the older Democrats in his camp. In the end more people will be disappointed then pleased. I can here the air coming out of the tires already.

Also, let Obama have this limelight. It’s worthless. McCain can’t control the narrative forever. He had an excellent run, but now its time to lay low and cede the stage to the Democrats until they finish their convention. Is this really how the Democrats want to reclaim their narrative – with Bayh versus Biden discussions? Go for it. They could be using this window to drive home much more successful and salient campaign themes, but if Obama wants to keep the media on edge over a possible Chet Edwards selection instead – Great.

Let the McCain camp learn from this Obama mistake. I hope McCain just gives a date and time and leaves it alone. That way the liberal media won’t be on edge for three days talking how old he is, when he can be driving home the generally successful theme that Obama is a woefully inexperienced, ultra-liberal, media-darling elitist.