MA-10 GOP poll.

This is a weekend, online poll on the Republican contest to succeed the retiring(thank God) Bill Delahunt in Massachusetts’ 10th district. The two leading GOP candidates are former State Treasurer Joe Malone and current State Rep. Jeff Perry. In the poll, Malone scores nearly a 2-1 win. Hopefully, this reflects nothing more than district-wide candidate identification. Malone a)is a retread, and b)carries the nickname “Samsonite” because of the baggage from his scandal-tarred tenure at treasury. He’s a nice guy but is not the best candidate(imho) to grab the seat from the Democrats, who will likely run Norfolk County DA Bill Keating.  Perry is busting his a**, working the RTCs throughout the district, while Malone has just begun running relatively weak radio ads.  I think Malone hopes his name recognition and money on hand will overwhelm Perry, but it won’t happen. Perry is a proven winner and has incredible campaign energy. He’s also a solid conservative(check out his book) who will win and remain true to conservatism.