Scott Brown in Hyannis.

Extremely enthusiastic rally today. Several hundred people attended. Brown will get about 60% of the Cape vote; the only question is, how big will that vote be?

One thing bothered me. Brown spent several minutes blasting a Coakley mailer that accuses Brown of wanting to deny hospital treatment to some 1700 MA rape victims. (We got the mailer today; it’s vile). Isn’t the first rule of politics "don’t repeat the charge against you"? He really laid into Coakley, calling her campaign the "most vicious in Massachusetts politics history" (as close as I can remember his words). The mailer is way, way below the belt…but if he’s calling attention to it, does that mean it’s working?

We’re so close on this; I don’t want the Dems to steal it with last-minute sleaze. Maybe he had to get out in front of it to negate its effect. Opinions?