Liberals to CPAC: "Ignore The Terrorist Behind The Green Curtain!"

What justifies 9/11 and Islamist terrorism against the United States?

Mentally unstable guys putting their trucks into mosques 10 years ago in Florida… that’s what.

Of course, that’s the point the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force chief Jim Lafferty was making at a rather warm (someone turned the air conditioning off in a packed room of about 150 CPAC attendees — wonder why?) presentation at CPAC this weekend.

The People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch had to drive their own truck into the conservative pow-wow up in Washington this weekend, recording tiny snippets of everyone’s commentary and posting it out of context just to see what stuck.

In this instance, the target was Jim Lafferty’s exposition on how Islamist apologists here in the United States will take a 2002 incident and use it as justification not to apologize for any of these events.

Naturally, some Americans like Jim Lafferty take umbrage with that — and call ’em out.  See below:

…and that is what has Right Wing Watch all up in a tizzy this Sunday morning.  One guy… one truck… and one Jim Lafferty willing to stand up and call the Islamist apologists out on how that 2002 incident doesn’t wipe out a patter of Islamist terror against the United States.

Now just for kicks, what was this “one incident” of driving a truck into a mosque?  The Tallahassee Democrat doesn’t have the article up anymore, but a quick search online revealed this little tidbit from the article, reposted on Yahoo! Groups:

The man who crashed his truck into a campus mosque late Monday has a history of bizarre behavior linked to Florida State University.

Charles Franklin, 41, was arrested in 1992 after he used a metal pipe to vandalize the disc-jockey booth at V89, an FSU radio station. In 1998, he was investigated for allegedly driving his van at a group of students near the Student Union, according to FSU police.

Now, he’s charged with burglary and felony criminal mischief in Monday’s attack on the Islamic Center of Tallahassee. Franklin told police he did it because he “hated Muslims” and could face additional hate-crime penalties if convicted, said Scott Hunt, Tallahassee Police Department spokesman.

Now how many cards short of a full deck is this Charles Franklin fella playing with?

Yet this — as Lafferty was making clear to everyone in the room — is the counterpunch when someone mentions that there are 800 new mosques built in the United States over the last 10 years, that of those mosques, 80% of these new mosques are being “radicalized” according to the perr-reviewed Middle East Quarterly.  That there are indeed Islamist terror training camps and cells in the United States.  That “no-go” zones are indeed being established in places such as Dearborn, MI.  That shariah-finance and the halal foods industry is slowly creeping into American life — an industry worth $7 billion and with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Lafferty made his position clear with this earlier statement:

I do not support, encourage or condone driving a truck into any mosque or any other religious building.At CPAC, I made the same statement that I have made many times – that the slide show in the Justice Department Hate Crimes presentation focuses almost exclusively on incidents of pick-up trucks being driven into a mosque wall or exterior. None of the incidents of church or synagogue vandalism make it into the DOJ presentation.

My remark was a clumsily- worded acknowledgement that pick-up truck collisions with mosques usually occur in the South and usually involve alcohol.

I support the free exercise protections of the First Amendment to the Constitution for all religious beliefs and practices.

I am, at all times, a firm supporter of the Constitution and the rule of law. Illegal activity will eventually be investigated and prosecuted by authorities.

What was clear to the folks in the room at CPAC is that some folks “in the South” get the threat that shariah-compliance poses to American communities in the heartland.  That one incidence of violence from a loon doesn’t repudiate the exhaustive pattern of terrorism, radicalization, and violence from factions of the Islamist community in the United States.

Of course, the liberal left will do everything in its power to squash and destroy conservatives — even if it’s a temporary alliance with an Islamic faith who believes the punishment for homosexuality should be death, that women have only half the say of men in society, that “good speech” should nominally replace free speech, where “freedom of worship” should replace our First Amendment freedom of religion, or that shariah does indeed trump the U.S. Constitution.

Anything for short term gain, right?

The long and short of this is that Lafferty and the 150 people packed into that room understand radical Islam and the threat of shariah law as something very different from say, the experience of Catholics over the 19th century (or perhaps, the still-ongoing experience of Catholics even today).  Whereas Catholics sought to find a place in American life, the Islamist experience thus far seeks to transform American life.  Whereas canon law applied for monasteries, shariah law seeks to apply itself to everyday occurrence — right down to the foods you eat.

While Catholics rightly argue for the liberty of human conscience, radical Islam — even their so-called “moderate” voices — deliberately seek to squelch those rights in favor of “hate speech” or “libel”.