Subliminal Message

You know as I sit back and listen and watch what is giong on around me, I feel as though I am not catching on to something out there. Something is missing. I try to put two and two together and always come up with the wrong answer.

Racist:McCains campaign never brought it up. It was OBAMA from the very start. I know I am correct with this one.

Codes:Where did this come from. We speak in code to each other? How is it that I missed the code book.

There are a few more things that were said that always is actually done in reverse. But naturally the other side get the blame.

Voter Registration, Voter Fraud, a distraction, a mass distraction???????? This list could go on and on………….

I just can’t put my finger on it. He won’t take direct questions about his campaign and refuses to let the other one open his mouth anymore.

Freedom of speech is going to come to an end….I feel anyway.

Subliminal was mentioned by his campaign manager on the news one day. That we have been sending them out. Then I got to thinking. I know this is going to sound crazy but I have to say it…..Codes, racist, newsmedia silenced,…..ummm…Everything is in reverse…..who is sending out messages, codes…..Here is a man who thinks he has the race by a land slide, why would he need a TV advertisement for thirty minutes in a stadium full of thousands of people? Why??????

I know I WILL NOT be watching this just on principal….but what if there is something to this subliminal message. Is there something, somebody can do to be prepared to look for this. How would it be done. How can we be sure. Gosh and I grew up leaving my apartment door unlocked and wide open….What is happening!

Conspiracy????? Our constitutional rights gone……Your thoughts please………………….

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