Watch out for your 401K's

It is my understanding that it is in discussion that the government will take our 401K and put them into the Social Security. Give you 3% on them, send you a check of how much they want to along with your social security check. When you die they will keep 50% of your money. To hell with your heirs. Remember that OBAMA wants to incorporate into MEDICARE his health insurance for people under 65 with families. So your 401k’s will be paying for these families on MEDICARE. Another spread the wealth idea. I am giving up and taking all my 401k deductions and putting them under my mattress…..Listen to AM talk radio….get the facts…..it is unbelievable, the problem is NO ONE can get close enough to ask these questions of OBAMA. Or else anyone at his campaigns don’t know, don’t care or are on welfare now!

In 2007 Social Security Administration implemented a surcharge on monthly Medicare premiums. In 2007 it was 93.50 a month. If you had a AGI (adjusted Gross Income) of over 80,000 you were charged 12.30 more each month. Of course there are increments of this surcharge according to your income. The more you had the more you were charged. Government went back 2 years to your income tax return to find out those figures. So in the catagory of 80,000 in 2007 you paid 105.80 a month here is that figure for 2009 124.90. IF you were in the 150,000 AGI it was in 2007 142.50, 2008 238.40 and in 2009 will be 308.30….Remember these people are retired over 65 and also pay for a supplemental insurance like AARP in addition each month.

Pay less taxes if under 250,000, but get surcharged to death if you make over 80,000 and over 65……..

Any questions about Socialism or redistribution of wealth……..

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