What Happens On Redstate If Trump Is The Nominee [updated]

I post this as a serious question. Several months ago the conventional wisdom was that Trump was just a flash in the pan. Another Herman Cain or Giulliani, or any other candidiate from 2012 that rose for a month or two only to fall like Ben Carson this time around. No one thought he would last until the new year. Certainly not until February. And he wouldn’t get any delegates. But now we are on the eve of the New Hampshire primary and things are different. As far as polling goes Trump is still the frontrunner. Many good conservatives I would have bet money on winning (Scott Walker, Rick Perry just to name a few) have left the race. And Trump is poised to win the “first-in-the-nation” primary in the granite state. He is also predicted at this point in time to take South Carolina. So, again this brings the question.


What happens on Restate if Trump is the nominee? I see anti-Trump articles (well deserved) here every day. But we all know the site’s position: conservative in the primary, republican in the general. Any other year it would be no question. Romney wasn’t a conservative and neither was McCain, but we still lined up diligently behind them and supported them in the general. They say Trump is a different kind of candidate and he is running a different kind of campaign. That is obviously seen at the highest levels in the party as he is treated much differently than previous frontrunners have been by the GOP. I have never seen a republican frontrunner so hated by so many within his own party. And yet he continues to do so well in polls. And although he lost Iowa, it wasn’t by much. Those five delegates still count for something. And they will count for more if nothing changes between now and March 2nd. To all those who say he won’t be an issue, remember us all (including me) saying the same thing last October. So what happens next?


Update: At the time that I wrote this the New Hampshire primary had not yet happened. A we now know, Trump swept it. Not only that but he is favored to win South Carolina as well. He lost Iowa by a very slim margin and while Cruz walked away with eight delegates Trump still had seven. If he wins South Carolina and Nevada (both are very good bets) then there is a good chance he could wind up being the nominee. At this point he is running the table better than Romney did.