I'm Glad I Came Back

I discovered Redstate several years ago. I was a student at the time, just getting into politics and just getting active. I found a group of people that I identified with. Sure there were times we would disagree on the little things, but for the most part I liked it. I would not always post, but I would read Redstate every day. I still check in every day. I posted a few diaries, not much as I’m not that much of a writer. But it was always nice to find people who agreed with me.

Then the 2012 election came about and I fell into a familiar trap that many others have been guilty of. I got caught up in ” my guy”, or as it turns out, my woman. I wanted Michelle Bachmann to win. I wanted it more than Ralphie wanted a Red Ryder BB gun. She was the first candidate that I ever financially contributed to. At the time I was still in college and I ahd a “love-from-afar” relationship with money. But I believed in her so much and every time she spoke I was inspired. So I contributed. I got a bumper sticker and a shirt. I still have the shirt, the bumper sticker was totaled along with the car.

But people at Redstate were mean. That said mean, terrible things about “my guy.” I got my feelings hurt and I took my ball (and my BB gun) and went home. I left Redstate for a long while in a total hurumph of damaged feelings and injured pride. I was almost gleeful to see Romney stammer and stumble and eventually fall. I took joy in seeing the “chosen candidate” do so poorly. I was filled with several dozen cartons of  “I told you so.”

But I missed it here. I missed the people, the names, the banter, and even the jabs. I missed the in-depth discussions and analysis that I couldn’t really find anywhere else. And as I watched with horror over the years Obama destroying the country my parents emigrated to long ago, I felt guilty. I felt terrible that Romney had lost. Yeah, he wasn’t my guy, but he was a lot better than this guy. All of the terrible, mean things I had said about Romney in the previous election may have been true, but Obama was so much worse. So very, very much worse.

I’m glad I came back. This time with a thicker skin, and a little bit older. A little bit. I still wish Michelle was running again. But one of the things this taught me was that I will support the GOP nominee regardless. Even if it’s Kasich. Even if it’s Bush. Because as terrible as they may be I don’t want to spend the next four years watching Hillary finish the job that Obama started because “my guy” didn’t get picked and I got my feelings hurt.