Calling a Spade a Spade

It has been a while since I last posted a diary here, but recent events have compelled me to the point where I feel the need to say my peace.  When I was a child my father used to always tell me that sometimes you have to “call a spade a spade.”  What he meant by this is that sometimes you have to speak up and say the hard truth even though no one wants to hear it.  People might not like it, and because of that they might not like you.  But in their hearts they know that what you say is the truth, and perhaps a small portion of them will respect you for admitting it.

Everyone knew that big government entitlement programs like medicare and social security were a bad idea from the start.  Ronald Reagan himself went on record several times warning against the issues medicare would cause.  No one listened.  No one wanted to be the unpopular one and call the establishment out on it.  Everyone saw all the easy senior votes racking up and were eager to cash in.  Flash forward decades later and see where we are now.  A presidential candidate finally calls out social security for what it is – a ponzi scheme.  And the reaction was  just what had been expected.  “You can’t say that and expect to get elected.”  “You will lose the critical senior vote.”  “He didn’t really mean that we need to get rid of it.”

Rick Perry finally became the adult in the room, stepped forward and called a spade a spade.  And he was right.  Social security is a ponzi scheme.  It isn’t going to last, as ponzi schemes never do.  He said what he meant and he meant what he said.  And he shouldn’t run from it.  We need to sit down and make some hard choices.  Perry has stated before that social security is unconstitutional.  Many people might not like to hear that, but it is true.  It is time to stand up and speak the truth that many people already know, but don’t want to hear.

I have heard many conservatives trying to defend Perry by saying he doesn’t want to kill social security.  the fact of the matter is – he does.  The methods that he proposes for this would do exactly that – kill social security as we now know it.  The problem here is that no one wants to admit that that’s what needs to be done.  There are three big gorillas in the room – social security, medicare, and medicaid.  They all need to be placed on the endangered species list.  They are big government entitlement programs that need to go away.  They never should have been started to begin with.

But now is much different from then.  People are starting to realize this more and more.  Whether they want to admit it or not, they know it to be true.  Reagan warned us against medicare.  It passed anyway and look at the situation it is in now.  Conservatives warned against Obamacare.  Once it goes fully into effect in 2014 it will begin racking up dependants just like medicare did.  And thirty years from now, establishment politicians will be afraid to say it is not sustainable.  They will be afraid of ending it because of all those who have come to depend on it.  Just like medicare.  Just like medicaid.  Just like social security.

Perry is right.  He should not retract.  He should not try to sidestep it.  Social security needs to be “killed.”  It is time to call a spade a spade.