I Am Still A Conservative Republican

This is my first diary here at Redstate, or anywhere for that matter.  I have been pushing myself to write this for several weeks, but today I finally put thoughts to action.  There are several myths pushed by the liberal state-owned media that I would like to disspell.  I am not a research expert, nor do I have years of experience in politics. In fact, I am a 21 year old college student who is still learning on a daily basis.  The reason that I can disspell these myths is because I am proof they are wrong.

Myth Number One: America’s youth are not interested in conservatism.  The Republicans have lost the youth vote.

Reality:  As I mentioned, I am 21 years old.  President Reagan was just beginning his second term when I was born.  I’m still in college.  I talk to the “youth” everyday.  They are my friends.  And yet, I don’t hear them praising The One or proclaiming the sainthood of Nancy Pelosi.  I am 21 years old, but I am still a conservative republican.

Myth Number Two: Immigrants won’t vote Republican.  The Dems own the Immigrant vote.

Reality: Wrong again.  My parents are from South Korea.  I am first generation American born.  Yet, both my parents and myself are conservatives.  I talk to friends everyday from Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand.  They do not view kindly Obama’s push towards communism in this country.

Myth Number Three: The GOP does not want or need the LBGT vote and wouldn’t get it anyway.  All of the gays will vote for the dems.

Reality:  Homosexuals are just like any other people. We don’t want tax hikes.  We don’t want to pursue a policy of surrender in Afghanistan.  We don’t want to cut and run in Iraq.  We don’t want a policy of appeasement with Kim Jong Il or Hugo Chavez.  I am a proud supporter of the Log Cabin Republicans, and I have been living with the same partner for two years now.

For all of the messages of doubt and despair.  The statist media wants us to believe there is no hope for the GOP.  Conservatism is supposedly dead, if you watch ABC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC.  And yet, I’m still here.  I’m still young, Asian, and lesbian.  I am still a conservative Republican.  And the media is still wrong.