The MSM Blackout of the Black Panther Scandal vs. Children with Fingers in their Ears

OK–we’ve all seen small children put their hands over their ears and wail when they are told something that they don’t want to hear, like “eat your vegetables” or “take your medicine”. However, this is quite strange behavior to behold in adult journalists who work for mainstream media outlets. Now granted, anyone who reads newspapers, and doesn’t live under a rock, is somewhat aware that there is a left-wing tilt to the MSM. For instance, there have been the recent embarrassments involving the infamous JournoList–a sophomoric clique of left-wing journalists and bloggers. And, most people are aware that the MSM has a tendency to throw a fit whenever anything negative is said about President Obama or his Administration.

But now, it’s come to this. A few days ago, Megyn Kelly broke a huge story on Fox News where she interviewed former Department of Justice attorney, J. Christian Adams. Adams has blown the whistle on the Obama Administration’s DOJ for dismissing the infamous voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers, after he had already won the case (the Black Panthers never even showed up in court to answer the charges). Adams claimed that the main reason why the DOJ didn’t want to prosecute the Panthers was for racial reasons. Now, one would think that this would be an explosive story and that the mainstream media would be all over this, but instead they are like a toddler putting his fingers in his ears when he is told to eat his vegetables.

Wait–it gets better. In addition to Adams, Megyn Kelly also interviewed renowned civil rights attorney and life-long Democrat, Bartle Bull (who was Robert Kennedy’s campaign manager). Bull claimed that he witnessed the Black Panthers threatening voters and shouting racial slurs at the polling place, telling Kelly that, “Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy didn’t die so that uniformed thugs could be blocking polling places with weapons”. Not to mention, Mr. Bull also claimed that the Black Panthers were working in collusion with ACORN (you know, that lovely group that agreed to aid and abet a child prostitution ring) in order to intimidate the poll-watchers, because ACORN had registered a bunch of illegal voters. (See the embed below.)

Now again, you would think that the MSM would be climbing all over each other to be the first ones to put this story on the front page of their paper. Well, you would be wrong. In fact, The Washington Times recently wrote an op-ed titled, Media blackout for Black Panthers where they wrote the following–

“Where is the New York Times? Where is The Washington Post? Where are CBS and NBC? A whistleblower makes explosive allegations about the Department of Justice; his story is backed by at least two other witnesses; and the allegations involve the two hot-button issues of race and of blatant politicization of the justice system.”

In other words, with regard to this story, the MSM are acting like bunch of petulant children who are putting their fingers in their ears and screaming “LA, LA, LA–I can’t hear you!!”. Why, you ask? Because simply put, it makes the Obama Administration look corrupt. Not to mention, there is nothing that guilty white liberals in the MSM would hate more than having to report about criminal allegations against two African-American organizations. I’m guessing that many of them would rather shave their head with a cheese grater than report on this story.

Allow me put this another way. Suppose that two white Bubbas from Mississippi (wearing overalls and carrying baseball bats, instead of jackboots and nightsticks) were intimidating black voters outside a polling station and shouting racial slurs at them. Now, let’s suppose that George W. Bush was still president, and his DOJ dropped the charges on the thugs–after one of its attorneys had already gotten a conviction–for “racial reasons”. If you don’t think that the MSM would be all over this story and screaming for the resignation of Bush’s attorney general (and rightfully so), then I have a blind bird dog and some underwater real estate to sell you.

By the way, it’s a little ironic that ACORN turned out to be involved in this story, because, figuratively speaking, this is the ACORN story all over again. In the hilarious video below, Jon Stewart mocks the MSM for letting “the cast of High School Musical 3” scoop them on the ACORN story (or really, drag them kicking and screaming into covering the ACORN story).

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Furthermore, after the ACORN story became too big to ignore, The New York Times dragged out its public excuse maker, uh I mean public editor, to explain why they had been so late to the party. No one should be surprised if Clark Hoyt has to write another op-ed in a week or so explaining why the Times neglected this story, but I digress.

And finally, what really galled me about this story was the mealy mouthed excuses that Obama’s DOJ put forth for not pursuing this case. According to the previous video of Kelly’s interviews with Adams and Bull, Obama’s DOJ claimed that there “were not enough facts to support the case” and that their lawyers just had “good faith disagreements”. (They also accused Mr. Adams of “having and agenda”–oooh, sounds scary.) Well, I decided to dig up the original video of the Black Panthers intimidating voters and watch it again.

Now, I don’t have one of them fancy Harvard law degrees, but that looked to me like a clear cut, undeniable case of voter intimidation that left nothing up for interpretation.

Hey MSM–it’s time to stop pouting, take your fingers out of your ears and eat your vegetables/report this story. Because with or without you, this story is going to get out. We, in the conservative blogosphere, are not going to stop talking about it until you stop ignoring it. You can get on board now, or you can be dragged kicking and screaming–again. The choice is yours.

Kid in orange with fingers in ears

This diary was originally posted on NewsReal and The Minority Report.

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