Glenn Beck Shows Us How to Fight.....[Updated]

…..[And Thomas Friedman Shows Liberals How to Whine.]

I’m sure that most of you are aware that Glenn Beck broke several major stories during the past week that had significant outcomes. For starters, there is the Van Jones story (Van Jones was Obama’s Green Jobs Czar) that he had been following for weeks (see embeds below).

After Beck’s many exposes on Van Jones, Gateway Pundit wrote a blog about how Jones was a 9/11 truther, and Glenn Beck further publicized the story (see Beck discuss Van Jones being a truther at about four minutes into the embed below).

Then, after Glenn Beck ran the 9/11 truther story, Van Jones resigned (or to quote The Huffington Post, “Glenn Beck Gets First Scalp”).

[By the way, Byron York also has an excellent column regarding the MSM’s lack of coverage of the Van Jones scandal. (see exert and embed below—H/T theblogprof).

From a Nexis search a few moments ago:

Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the New York Times: 0. Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the Washington Post: 0. Total words about the Van Jones controversy on NBC Nightly News: 0. Total words about the Van Jones controversy on ABC World News: 0. Total words about the Van Jones controversy on CBS Evening News: 0.

Also, last week, Glenn Beck ran several stories about the National Endowment for the Arts acting as a propaganda arm for the White House. I wrote a diary that includes all of the specific details about the scandal. However, you can also view the embed of Beck discussing the matter below with blogger Patrick Courrielche who first broke the story on the blog Big Hollywood.com.

Now, sure enough, as soon as Glenn Beck ran with the NEA story, Yosi Sargent resigned as communications director for the NEA, or was reassigned to another post (H/T Moe Lane).

And finally, this past Thursday and Friday, Glenn Beck reported on the latest ACORN scandal that involved two college age bloggers (James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles), from Big Government.com, going into a Baltimore ACORN office dressed as a pimp and a prostitute. At the Baltimore ACORN office, they recorded two ACORN employees attempting to help them commit tax fraud and buy a house so that they can smuggle in underage, El Salvadorian girls to work as prostitutes in their brothel. Oh, and they also did the same thing at a Washington DC ACORN office as well. (See embed below of Beck reporting on this story).

Oh, and here is one more thing on the latest ACORN scandal. Below is a video of Glenn Beck tallying the coverage—or lack of coverage—by the MSM (H/T Steve Foley).

Now, this latest ACORN scandal is a big story because Barack Obama got his start in politics as a lawyer and a community organizer for ACORN, and because ACORN has received over fifty-three million dollars via the tax payers since 1994, and now stands to get as much as eight billion dollars in federal funds from the stimulus package. So, do you know what this means boys and girls? It means, literally, that ACORN, which appears to be a criminal enterprise, can receive billions with a B from the stimulus package, but the children in Washington DC who want a voucher to go to school are SOL (see video below—H/T Allahpundit of Hot Air). Chew on that for a while.

Furthermore, this is not ACORN’s first scandal. For instance, they are under investigation by the FBI for registering over 400,000 fraudulent voters. And finally, another reason that this story is a big deal is because ACORN was also scheduled to take part in the 2010 census, but the Census Bureau backed out of the deal after Glenn Beck reported on ACORN’s latest scandal.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. The ACORN employees in both the Baltimore and DC videos were all fired after Glenn Beck publicized the original stories from BigGovernment.com.

Now, as previously alluded to, the MSM, particularly The New York Times, didn’t cover the Van Jones scandal, The NEA scandal, or this week’s most recent ACORN scandal. However, the NYT has covered ACORN in the past. I kid you not. Well, one of their reporters tried to cover the Obama campaign’s connections to ACORN, but was shut down. (H/T Ed Morrissey of Hot Air—see embed of Bill O’Reilly below).

To be fair, the NYT’s public editor, Clark Hoyt, did write an op-ed offering a bunch of mealy-mouthed excuses as to why the Times killed the story—none of them very convincing. Here is my favorite one—

“Despite denials all around, maybe there will turn out to be a story about the Obama campaign and Acorn, but it would involve fairly technical violations of campaign finance law that experts told me are difficult to prove.”

Difficult to prove? DIFFICULT TO PROVE?! Two college aged kids dressed up like a hooker and a pimp and got ACORN employees to try to help them out with an underage prostitution ring, yet a story about ACORN is DIFFICULT TO PROVE?! I seriously can’t believe what I am reading. You mean to tell me that two young bloggers could pull this kind of sting off, but the NYT or 60 Minutes can’t? Really?!!!

Oh, and here are two other ACORN stories that the NYT has covered in the past. In October 2008, right before the presidential election, the NYT ran a story about how the Obama campaign was seeking a special prosecutor investigation into whether or not the FBI investigations of voter fraud committed by members of ACORN were politically motivated. (POLITICALLY MOTIVATED?! REGISTERING MICKEY MOUSE TO VOTE?!) And, the NYT also wrote an op-ed about ACORN which said the following—-

“In recent weeks, the McCain campaign has accused the group of perpetrating voter fraud by intentionally submitting invalid registration forms, including some with fictional names like Mickey Mouse and others for voters who are already registered.

Based on the information that has come to light so far, the charges appear to be wildly overblown — and intended to hobble Acorn’s efforts.”

HOBBLE ACORN’S EFFORTS?! My head is about to explode right now. I sure hope that the McCain campaign (or anyone else for that matter) was trying to hobble ACORN’s efforts to commit voter fraud, tax fraud and assist in aiding child prostitution rings.

Now, if someone read only The New York Times (and maybe one or two other MSM newspapers), there is a plethora of other items that they would be misinformed about. For instance, a typical NYT’s reader would know how much money the RNC spent on Sarah Palin’s clothes, and that Joe the Plumber’s first name isn’t really Joe and that he owes some money in back taxes (see original NYT column here). However, he or she wouldn’t know about any past or present ACORN scandals—except that the mean old FBI is “politically targeting” poor little ACORN.

Also, the typical NYT’s reader would know all about John McCain’s supposed affair with a lobbyist—except that the story was total bs, and the Times had to print a retraction (and they got sued by Vicki Iseman, the lobbyist in question).

Oh, and the typical NYT’s reader would know about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy (in fact, he or she would know about it three times over, because The New York Times ran three front page stories in one day about her pregnancy), but they would have absolutely no idea that former presidential candidate and Democratic VP nominee, John Edwards, had an illegitimate child. Of course, Clark Hoyt, the NYT’s public excuse maker, uh—I mean public editor, did write another op-ed full of mealy-mouthed excuses about why John Edwards illegitimate child was less important that Bristol Palin’s pregnancy (three times over), but it just sounded pathetic. (You would think that the man would get tired of making retractions and ridiculous excuses, and would thus get his paper to actually cover real news instead of being a propaganda arm for the Obama campaign/administration, but I digress.)

Not to mention, the typical NTY’s reader would think that people who objected to Barack Obama speaking to school children are “RAAACISTS!” who had a problem with Obama telling their kids to “study hard and stay in school”—when, in fact, they were concerned about the Obama Administration’s ridiculously partisan lesson plan. Furthermore, he or she would not know that Congressional Democrats investigated and held hearings when George H.W. Bush spoke to school children (and George H.W. Bush didn’t have the ridiculous “lesson Plan” that the Obama Administration had either).

And finally, the average NYT’s reader would not have heard about the Van Jones scandal until after his resignation, and would not have heard about Reverend Wright until six months after the original story broke (H/T Byron York—read his excellent column). Today, The New York Post has a column that stated the following regarding the NYT’s failure to cover the Van Jones story—

“This is not an excuse,” the managing editor of The New York Times said after offering the following excuse for completely missing the Van Jones story, except in a blog post: “Our Washington bureau was somewhat short-staffed during the height of the pre-Labor Day vacation period.”

Pathetic, huh?

However, the typical NYT’s reader would know about Congressman Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) 2007 NoDoze habit. (I’m not kidding.) In fact, the following is the first line from the Joe Wilson NoDoze column—-

“Here’s a headline and, no, it doesn’t come from The Onion:”

“Wilson took caffeine pills in 2007.”

Well, I’ll tell you what sounds like a headline from The Onion—the fact that after a week of hellacious scandals directly and indirectly involving the Obama Administration, The New York Times’ blog decides that reporting on some little-known congressman’s past NoDoze habit takes precedent over all other events, just because he inappropriately heckled President Obama during his recent healthcare speech (for which Wilson has since apologized).

On a side note, The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, as well as Tom Brokaw, seemed quite angry about Glenn Beck’s expose of Van Jones, because they both threw hissy fits on Meet the Press last Sunday and Mr. Friedman said that the internet is an “open sewer that needs filtering”. And, Mr. Brokaw said that “People believe everything that they read on the internet”. The delicious irony here is that both of these men are defending a man (Van Jones) who apparently believes everything that he reads on the internet! (H/T theblogprof.)

Notice how neither Mr. Friedman, nor Mr. Brokaw, can point to any falsehood reported by Glenn Beck, or found on the internet, with regard to Van Jones. They both just sit there and throw temper tantrums, and Mr. Friedman rants on about how “everybody is a photographer, filmmaker or a journalist/blogger”.

Well, after reading Mr. Friedman’s recent column about China, I find the views he espoused on Meet the Press to be most enlightening. In his column, Mr. Friedman wrote the following—

“One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century.”

Hmmm—that’s interesting. I wonder if Mr. Friedman is aware that they arrest bloggers in China? Probably so, but that’s pretty much par for the course for liberals. They are all for freedom of speech if it’s their freedom of speech—otherwise, talk radio and the conservative blogosphere are “open sewers that need to be filtered”.

And finally, I can tell that both the conservative and the liberal elite are scratching their heads and wondering aloud, “What exactly is Glenn Beck’s appeal?” Yesterday, on This Week, I heard David Brooks (the NYT’s token “conservative columnist”) say that Glenn Beck’s viewers are “the fringe”. Well, there is no way that Beck would be able to get the high ratings that he gets if his viewers were nothing but “the fringe”. No, his viewers now consist of conservatives, moderates and, dare I say, some liberals who want to know exactly what in hell is going on with their country. Simply put, Glenn Beck’s appeal is that he actually breaks news and tells people things that other news organizations won’t. Yes, Beck is prone to crying jags, he is known to wear lederhosen and he can be over the top with some of his rants (even his friend Jonah Goldberg admits this). However, he tells people what is really going on—so even if they find him obnoxious (I don’t, but I realize that some do), they will sit through it, because they are sick to death of all of the Obama cheerleading and they want some real, honest to goodness news. Funny tidbit here—I saw a diary the other night on Daily Kos titled, “Wake up Obama: Beckism is Winning!”. Well if by “Beckism”, he or she means “telling the truth and not cheerleading for Obama”, then yes, “Beckism” is winning, because MSNBC’s numbers are in the toilet and The New York Times is now a junk bond.

So, in conclusion, after Barack Obama won the election, I admit to initially having felt overwhelmed by the Obama-loving media and to thinking that we were fighting an impossible, uphill battle. I don’t feel that way any now. I’m not beaten down anymore—I actually have hope. After the recent successes of Glenn Beck and the conservative blogoshpere, as well as the incredibly high turnout for the DC tea party, I actually feel optimistic. I mean, in all three of the scandals that Beck targeted this week (Van Jones, NEA, and ACORN) , someone either had to resign or was fired. I think that this is because people are tired of all of the Obama cheerleading and they are now paying attention (even Camille Paglia calls the MSM a bunch of “liberal lemmings”). To quote our own EPU, “The Ents are waking up”. Right now, I can’t help but be reminded of Aragorn’s awesome speech in “Lord of the Rings” where he says, “A day may come where we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day we fight!” I say, this day, we fight like hell—and let’s win!!

Update: My, what a difference a day makes. Since I wrote this diary yesterday, several major events have unfolded in the ACORN saga. Yesterday afternoon, the two young bloggers from BigGovernment.com who produced the two videos that exposed corruption in both the Baltimore and DC ACORN offices, released another video that revealed the exact same sort in corruption in the NY ACORN office.

Then, last night, the Senate voted 83-7 to cut off housing funds to ACORN, and today the House GOP has introduced a bill to cut off all federal funding to ACORN.

And finally, today, the two bloggers from BigGovernment.com have released a fourth video–this one exposes corruption in a CA ACORN office. However, this one is particularly shocking, because the ACORN employee named Theresa basically admits to a premeditated murder of her husband whom she claims was abusive. Once again, Glenn Beck immediately covered this story (see embed below).

Now, looking back, I think that David Brooks looks pretty silly for calling Glenn Beck’s viewers “the fringe”. In the past week or so, Glenn Beck, BigGovernment.com, the conservative blogosphere and concerned citizens who called their congresspersons have been able to get Van Jones to resign, Yosi Sargent to resign or be reassigned, multiple ACORN employees fired, ACORN removed from participating in the 2010 Census and the Senate to vote 83-7 to cut off housing funds to ACORN. I find it hard to believe that “the fringe” alone could accomplish all of that.

Update 2: I was watching Fox News this evening, when I heard Bret Baier report that Charles Gibson of ABC News issued the following reply when asked about the recent ACORN scandals–

“I don’t even know about it so you’ve got me at a loss.”

Michelle Malkin has the audio and the transcript. And people wonder what Glenn Beck’s appeal is?

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.