Lawrence O'Donnell is a Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal.

Yesterday on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell had Representative John Culberson (R-TX) as a guest on Hardball. O’Donnell began the interview by rudely sneering at Culberson, and then seemed to go into a trance and began shouting the same questions over and over at Culberson, and then refused to let Culberson answer any of his questions. And, if this whole scenario wasn’t strange enough, O’Donnell was repeatedly asking Culberson how he would have voted on Social Security in 1935 and on Medicare in 1965. When Culberson kept repeatedly saying that he would have voted “yes” on both programs (and Culberson tried to remind O’Donnell that “it is 2009”), O’Donnell not only kept shouting over Culberson and repeatedly asked him the same questions (as if Culberson had refused to answer them and O’Donnell didn’t seem to notice that he already had), but then he also started screaming that both programs were “socialist programs”. Well, at least liberals now finally admit that they really do love socialism, but I digress (however, we were considered evil “racists” if we even dared to point out that Barack Obama might have socialist tenancies). And then, when Culberson finally had enough of O”Donnell’s little trip to Crazytown and smacked him down by saying, “This is why MSNBC is in the tank, because you won’t let your guests answer any questions”, O’Donnell childishly resorted to calling Congressman Culberson a “liar” based on absolutely no evidence at all (see embed below).

But hey, we all know that name-calling is the default position of most liberals—see Nancy Pelosi and “Nazis”, Charles Blow and “hooligans”, Harry Reid and “evil-mongers”, and the DNC and “The Mob”, just to name a few.

Anyway, Lawrence O’Donnell’s unbalanced behavior on yesterday’s edition of Hardball shouldn’t really surprise anyone, because he’s been shaky pudding for some time now. Hey, blast from the past—remember this hate filled, bigoted, anti-Mormon rant that O’Donnell went on over a year ago in regard to Mitt Romeny’s speech about his faith? He basically stated that all Mormon’s are “racists”. Again with the name-calling.

[Just a thought—maybe the reason why Lawrence O’Donnell wants socialized medicine so badly, is to pay for the team of psychiatrists, and all of the medications, that he is so obviously in need of, but I digress.]

Oh, and one more thing. Hey liberals, do you want to know why you are so badly losing this health care debate? It’s not just that you don’t have the facts on your side, but it’s also that you are OBNOXIOUS and so no one can stand to listen to you all anymore. You see, I’m sincerely trying to help you out here. Help me to help you by knocking off the shouting and the name-calling—or you can continue to act like children and keep losing this debate. Oh wait–nevermind. What was I thinking? I don’t want socialized medicine. Scratch that previous sentence and keep up the obnoxious behavior liberals—you’re doing a heckuva job!

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