Michelle Malkin Spanks the Ladies of The View.

First of all, this video clearly demonstrates how one smart woman armed with the facts can easily smack down an entire TV show panel armed with only “Hope and Change” and “Bush Lied”. Second of all, in this video, Michelle Malkin effectively points out that, not only is Barack Obama not the white knight that he sold himself to be, but that he also might be more corrupt (or at the very least as corrupt) than most of the previous occupants of the White House. Oh, and on a side note, he’s also one of the least qualified occupants of the White House as well–scary, huh?

PS–Don’t you just love the way Sherri Shepherd angrily asks Michelle Malkin, “So what do you want me to do with this stuff?” Typical Obama voter–“Please don’t bother me with those troublesome facts. Just give me more unicorn farts and pixie dust.”

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