But I'm a Liberal and I Voted for Obama....I Can't be a Sexist or a Racist!!

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this recent phenomenon or not, but for the past year or so, liberals have progressively become more and more flagrant with regard to making sexist, racist, or bigoted comments about anyone who ran against or voted against Barack Obama. At first, liberal sexism and bigotry started out as a distant rumble–now it has become a thunderous roar. And, if you will be kind enough to bear with me, I will demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that I am right.

First, I will begin with liberal sexism, which ironically began when Hillary Clinton ran for president (yes, I know that she is also a Democrat, but you can’t forget that she was opposing “The One” ; therefore, she became “the enemy”). For example, you had New York Magazine Columnist, Kurt Andersen, write in a column that Hillary had a “Wal-Mart shopper’s bad hair and big bum”. (Andersen also admitted in this column that the media was rooting for Obama and called Hillary’s voters “uneducated losers and Yokels from the C and D counties” Hey Andersen–elitist much?!) Now, I wonder what Andersen would have to say if someone referred to Michelle Obama as having “Wal-Mart shopper’s bad hair and big bum”? I bet that he would think that it was a tad sexist if those same words were used on his candidate, huh? Oh, and who could forget David Shuster saying that the Clinton’s were “pimping Chelsea out”? Gee, I wonder what his reaction would have been if someone had said that about the Obamas when they brought their daughters on Access Hollywood? I bet that Shuster would have been outraged. And, Chris Matthews
managed to outrage just about every woman I know by calling Hillary Clinton “witchy”, “Nurse Ratched”, “Madame Defarge”, and by saying that here voice was “like fingernails on a chalkboard”. Once again, I wonder what Matthews’ reaction would have been if a conservative pundit had said the exact same things about Michelle Obama? And, if Matthews remarks weren’t bad enough, Keith Olbermann turned up the misogyny to full throttle when he said, in regard to Hillary, that “Someone should take her into a room and only he comes out” (translation–beat the crap out of her). Gee, I wonder what old Olbie’s response would have been if some conservative pundit had said the same thing about Michelle Obama? I bet he would have a very long winded Special Comment prepared especially for him (as well as labeling him “The Worst Person in the World”) don’t you think? And finally, Maureen Dowd managed to anger many of The New York Times’ regular readers (Clark Hoyt, the New York Times public editor, admitted as much in an op-ed; however, he later allowed Dowd to transfer her sexist venom to Sarah Palin) by writing a plethora of sexist columns about Mrs. Clinton, such as this column titled, “Can Hillary Cry her Way Back to the Whitehouse?”, this one titled, “There Will be Blood” (where she stated that Hillary “got agitated and was flapping her arms”), and this one titled, “Seeing Red over Hillary” (where she compared Hillary Clinton to Scarlet O’Hara), just to name a few. Oh, I almost forgot. Jake Tapper was the only reporter who had the stones to call out The One for using sexist code words against Hillary Clinton (like “claws coming out” and “periodically, when she’s feeling down”) and for calling a reporter “Sweetie” (and he also called out US Congressman Steve Cohen, an ardent Obama supporter, for referring to Senator Clinton as “Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction”). Come to think of it, Obama, himself, wasn’t exactly setting the most politically correct tone, was he?

[On a side note, Huffington Post blogger Jeff Norman defended former Air America radio host Randi Rhodes’ right to refer to Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro as “big f**king wh*res”, by stating that it was a free speech issue and by writing that Ferraro was “whining on Fox News” about the comment being sexist. Now, suppose a conservative radio host had referred to Michelle Obama as a “big f**king wh*re”? I wonder if Norman would still think that it was just “semantic quibbling about free speech”? I highly doubt it.]

Now, Hillary Clinton was just the appetizer for liberals’ sexism–Sarah Palin was the main course. When Governor Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate, most of the liberal elites let their inner misogynist come out to play. For example, you had the usual suspects like Chris Matthews start immediately attacking her–in fact he went so overboard that Pat Buchanan called Matthews a misogynist to his face (and Pat Buchanan is hardly a staunch feminist so when he tells you that “you have a problem with strong women”, then you need serious help). Then, of course, Maureen Dowd started right where she left off with Hillary, and started writing sexist and degrading columns about Sarah Palin such as this one titled, “A Vice in Go-Go Boots” (which was loaded with sexist stereotypes such as calling Governor Palin “An underqualified babe”), or this one titled, “Mud Pies for That One” (where she called Palin “John McCain’s Mean Girl” and falsely accuses the McCain campaign of racism), or this column titled, “Sarah’s PomPom Palaver” (where she compared Palin to Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless”). Just a thought, but I wonder what Maureen Dowd would have said if a conservative pundit was writing columns about Michelle Obama that were loaded with sexist stereotypes? Take that back–I know exactly what she would way. In this column, Dowd claims that conservatives were trying to paint Michelle Obama as a “harridan”, but of course she offers absolutely no examples of how conservatives were attempting this feat. However, I find this charge incredibly hypocritical on Dowd’s part, because pretty much all she does in her b*tchy columns is paint other women as harridans, but I digress.

[Oh, if anyone is curious, I wrote a diary a while ago that went into great detail about Maureen Dowd’s pathetic behavior towards other women that she’s threatened by and her snobbery towards her fellow Americans.]

Now, it should be noted, that Governor Palin didn’t just make the MSM bring out it’s inner misogynist, she made some of them bring out their inner lunatic/conspiracy theorist. For instance, Andrew Sullivan wrote a blog asking Governor Palin to release her medical records to prove that her baby with Down’s Syndrome is really hers. And below, I have embedded a video of Bill Maher telling CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin that he doesn’t think that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s baby.

[My husband pointed out to me that we weren’t even allowed to ask if Barack Obama was born in the US, even though his father, step father, and sister were all born outside of the US (I personally think that he was born in the US, but that’s not the point.) However, members of the MSM and bloggers on Daily Kos were allowed to perpetually float their tinfoil hat theories about Sarah Palin’s baby, and no one really batted an eye. (But then again, when Daily Kos bloggers routinely traffic in anti-Jewish sentiment, Markos Moulitisas simply refers to it as “democracy”, so therefore, I guess that no one should really be surprised by any of the filth that appears on Daily Kos.)]

Now, if the first video wasn’t grotesque enough for you, here is another video of Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin’s daughter a “Hillbilly Heroine”, calling Sarah Palin a “MILF”, then he proceeds to make fun of her children’s names, and then he tops it off by stating that Americans are racist and aren’t very bright. Don’t believe me? Watch the embed and see for yourself.

Furthermore, liberals have continued to attack Sarah Palin with sexist bile to this day–more than six months after Barack Obama has been elected president! If that’s not sick, then I don’t know what is. For instance, everyone’s heard about David Letterman recently making a total ass out of himself by saying that Sarah Palin looks like a “slutty flight attendant” and then making a disgusting joke about her fourteen year old daughter getting knocked up by Alex Rodrgiuez (H/T Caleb Howe). However, what’s even more pathetic than Letterman’s obvious sexism and rape jokes about a fourteen year old girl, are liberals who actually defend him. For example, as Ed Morrissey of Hot Air points out, Contessa Brewer of MSNBC ( the official Obama network) seems visibly angered by conservative pundit John Ziegler’s criticisms of David Letterman and even goes so far as cutting his mike and stating that she would have no problem with being called a “slutty flight attendant” (which I find extremely hard to believe). Furthermore, as HotAirPundit points out, “Imagine if it was Michelle Obama Letterman was talking about, and he took a shot at Obama’s daughters”–I bet that Contessa Brewer would go bats**t if that happened, but I digress.

And finally, now liberals have graduated from making sexist attacks against women who run against Obama to making sexist attacks against conservative women in general. Exhibit A would be Perez Hilton calling Carrie Prejean a “stupid btch” because she disagrees with him on gay marriage, even though, as Michelle Malkin points out, she has the same position on gay marriage as Barack Obama. Exhibit B would be the column in Playboy Magazine, written by liberal blogger Guy Cimbalo, about the top ten conservative women that he would most like to “hate f*k” (translation–rape). Playboy wound up having to pull down the article because it was so offensive, but our own Caleb Howe was smart enough to save the offensive article here. However, what’s even more egregious than that misogynistic hatefest of an article, was the fact that AOL fired liberal blogger Tommy Christopher for daring to criticize the dreadful article. Tommy Christopher was one of the few liberals in the blogosphere or the MSM that had the decency to report on this outrage and not turn a blind eye to it, and he had a spot inside the White House press corps, but I guess that liberals like to protect their own–that and Playboy and AOL are both owned by Time Warner.

So, in conclusion, to take a page from Jeff Foxworthy’s playbook, if you think that it’s OK to call female candidates “witchy”, talk about their “bad hair and big bum”, imply that you’d like to beat them, call them a “mean girl”, compare them to Alicia Silverstone or Scarlett O’Hara, call them “slutty flight attendants” or “big f**king wh*res”, and make tasteless remarks and rape jokes about their female children–then you might be a sexist. Either that, or you’re a liberal who doesn’t believe in taking personal responsibility for your own actions. Oh, and if you think that it’s OK to call a woman a “stupid btch” or “hate f*k her simply because you disagree with her politics, then you’re not only a sexist, but you’re a full-blown misogynist as well.

Now, on to liberal racism and bigotry. First I’ll start with the most obvious example–Lawrence O’Donnell’s famous anti-Mormon rant in which he states that “Mitt Romney comes from a religion that was founded by a criminal who was anti-American, pro-slavery, and a rapist” (see embed below where Pat Buchanan makes a fool out of O’Donnell).

Well, first of all, as Newsbusters and Jake Tapper point out, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, was actually anti-slavery. However, what really cracks me up about O’Donnell’s nutty rant, is that he implied that Romney needed to”answer” for what Joseph Smith said or thought in 1844. However, when Barack Obama gave his famous race speech–which was in response to Reverend Wright’s rants going public–Lawrence O’Donnell was one of the loudest voices on MSNBC praising Obama’s speech. So, let me get this straight. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Mitt Romney needs to “answer” for what Joseph Smith said back in 1844; however, Barack Obama doesn’t have to answer for his pastor’s very recent racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic rants (see embed below)?! Man, that’s really rich.

Furthermore, as Allahpundit of HotAir points out, Reverend Wright told reporters several days ago that “them Jews aren’t going to let me talk to Obama”. To quote Allahpundit, “Exit question: 20 years spent in the pews of Trinity and who knows how many private conversations had with Wright, and yet not once did Obama ever encounter this sort of rhetoric from the good reverend, huh? Who, mind you, can’t even suppress it when speaking to reporters on the record. Remarkable.” Allahpundit further points out that “at least we now know how Hamas propaganda wound up in the church bulletins“.

Oh, but silly me. It’s Mitt Romney who needs to answer for what Joseph Smith said in 1844–not Barack Obama who needs to answer for what his pastor/mentor of twenty years (who married him and baptized his kids) said in 2004-2009, because, according to Joe Klein, I’m just “spreading the poison” by even bringing this up.

Oh, and speaking of liberal bigotry, here is our old pal Bill Maher again. This time, instead of spewing sexist venom, he’s spewing anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-Mormon and anti-Christian venom in his documentary “Religulous” (see the embed below). Hey Bill, there’s a word for people who make documentaries that call Muslims, Jews, Mormons and Evangelical Christians “crazy” and mocks their cultures and beliefs–hint: it starts with the letter B and ends with “igot”. Oh, and one more thing. Could any of you imagine what liberals’ reactions would be if a fiery Evangelical minister made a documentary making fun of Muslims, Jews and Mormons and implied that they were “crazy”? Just a thought.

And guess what other famous liberal is not only a sexist, but also a racist–you guessed it Maureen Dowd. During the general election, Ms. Dowd wrote a column called “Mr. Darcy Comes Courting” where she poses the question “Can America get over it’s prejudice and elect the first black president?” Well, I find it quite humorous that Ms. Dowd is so quick to toss out accusations of racism against her fellow Americans when, according to the Gawker, Maureen Dowd thinks that all black people look alike. Not to mention, Ms. Dowd even admitted in a column that she asked her “cute black mailman” (her words, not mine) how he felt about Obama’s win. Furthermore, the Gawker also pointed out that, in the same column where she brags about talking to her “cute black mailman” (and black people in general for the first time), Maureen Dowd also seems to brag about having one black friend, Gwen Ifil. (Hey Maureen–project much?!) I mean, can any of you imagine the reaction that a conservative columnist would have gotten if she wrote a column bragging about talking to black people for the first time and about having a black friend?

Oh, and here’s another example of bigotry brought to you courtesy of Maureen Dowd. Now, in the column “Barbies for War!” (which is probably the snobbiest thing that I’ve ever read in my entire life), Ms. Dowd writes about her trip to Wasilla, AK. In the column, she writes about AK as if she is literally visiting a foreign country and observing the local people’s customs (Dowd also spends half of the column making fun of Sarah Palin‘s church). In “Barbies for War!”, she mentions meeting Betty Necas. In her column, Ms. Dowd mentions that Ms. Necas was a teenage mom, and describes her as a “Wal-mart mom” who “wears sweatpants and has tattoos on her wrists”. OK, let’s play a game. Suppose that a conservative columnist from say The Wall Street Journal or National Review wrote a column about visiting inner city Harlem as if it were a foreign country, mocked the churches there, and described Obama supporters that he came in contact with as wearing tattoos and sweatpants, being overweight, and liking mac and cheese (which is how she described Hillary’s supporters in “Mr. Darcy Comes Courting”)? I’m not a betting woman, but I would bet everything that I own that he would be out of a job the very next day–and rightfully so I might add.

[On a side note, poor Maureen can’t seem to catch a break. Not only is she a bigot, but she’s also a rather unimaginative plagiarist, so you kinda have to feel sorry for her, but I digress.]

Now, more recent examples of lefty bigotry would be Sonya Sotomayor saying in multiple speeches that being “a wise Latina” gives her “better judgment than a white male” (in the link that I provided, Stuart Taylor hits it out of the park when he states that, “Any prominent white male would be instantly and properly banished from polite society as a racist and a sexist for making an analogous claim of ethnic and gender superiority or inferiority.”) and Andrew Sullivan writing in a blog that the Jooooos control The Washington Post and want Obama to fail in Iran so that Isreal can attack Iran (H/T Moe Lane). Seriously Andrew, between your wild conspiracies about Sarah Palin’s baby and your wild conspiracy theories about the Jewish lobby, you are starting to sound like some of the patients that I saw on my Psyche rotation during my third year of medical school. Dude, lose the tinfoil hat and get on some medication ASAP, but I digress.

However, the best example of liberal racism and bigotry that I can think of is Janeane Garofalo. First, she goes on Keith Olbermann’s show and calls all of the Tea Party protesters “a bunch of teabagging, racist redncecks” even though, during the Bush Years, she said that dissent was patriotic and that she was “in favor of any citizen talking if they wanted to” (see embed below).

However, in another segment on Olbermann’s show, Garofalo states that “Black Repulicans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome” (particularly, Michael Steele) and then compares female Republicans to “Eva Braun” (Olbermann laughs along as she spews her bigotry). Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard her correctly–Ms. Garofalo thinks that all black people should think alike, and if they don’t, then they are mentally ill. There’s a word for that–it starts with the letter R and ends with “acist”. Below is a hilarious video from the Fox News Show Red Eye which calls Garafalo out on her obvious bigotry.

Moreover, Barack Obama, himself, was hardly Mr. Tolerance on the campaign trail. We all remember when he referred to rural Pennsylvanians as “Bitter, gun-clinging, xenophobes” and when he referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person”. Suppose a white southern, conservative male, like say Fred Thompson, referred to someone as a “typical black person” on a radio show–I bet the left would crucify him, but I digress. Oh, and as far as Obama attending reverend Wright’s church for twenty years, I think that Charles Krauthammer in his column “Questions of Character” said it best when he wrote that, ““He doesn’t share Rev. Wright’s poisonous views of race nor Ayers’ views, past and present, about the evil that is American society. But Obama clearly did not consider these views beyond the pale. For many years he swam easily and without protest in that fetid pond”. I also thought that Krauthammer hit it out of the park when he wrote the following–

“Had any white presidential candidate had a close 20-year association with a white preacher overtly spreading race hatred from the pulpit, that candidate would have been not just universally denounced and deemed unfit for office but written out of polite society entirely.”

So, in conclusion, I think that the liberal philosophy on racism and sexism can be summed up by the following phrase–

Bigotry for me, but not for thee.

Actually, that would be the short version. The long version would be, “I’m a liberal and I voted for Obama….I can never be a racist or a sexist. Therefore, I get to say all of the bigoted crap that I want”. There are several examples of this philosophy put into action. The first one would be when The LA Times published an op-ed titled, “Obama the Magic Negro” and Rush Limbaugh wrote a song mocking the column, and all the liberals called him a racist (I, personally, don’t think the term “magic negro” is very tasteful or politically correct, but I also think that it’s total hypocrisy to say that The LA Times can publish the column, but that Rush Limbaugh is a racist for mocking the column–and for the record, I don’t regularly listen to Rush). Another example of this philosphy is Perez Hilton calling Carrie Prejean a “stupid b*tch” for disagreeing with him on gay marriage (and for the record, I have no problem with gay marriage), but then thinking that he can turn around and call will i am a “f**got” (and having the nerve to be surprised when he got punched out for it). And finally, the George Allen “Macaca” incident comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, I do not approve of calling anyone “Macaca”–it is rude and boorish and Senator Allen was right to apologize. However, when I first heard the term, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but I knew that it sounded familiar. Well, when I looked it up in my old zoology textbook (I took vertebrate zoology in undergrad in order to get my biology degree and I never traded in that textbook, because I thought that it was cool), I remembered that it was the Genus for for the Maques monkey (in Senator Allen’s defense, I doubt that he knew what it meant, because he doesn’t strike me as someone who moonlights as a closet zoologist–no offense to him).

However, If someone said that I had “a Wal-Mart shopper’s bad hair and big bum”, called me “Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction”, said that I “looked like a slutty flight attendant”, made rape jokes about my daughter, or said that they wanted to “hate-f**k” me, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have to look any of those things up in a textbook–I’d know exactly what that person meant. Furthermore, when I heard Janeane Garofalo say that “All black Republicans have Stockholm Syndrome”, and when I heard Maureen Down brag about deigning to talk to her “cute black mailman”, or when I heard Lawrence O’Donnell’s anti-Mormon rant, I didn’t have to look any of that up in some textbook–I knew exactly what they were getting at. And finally, when I heard Reverend Wright’s sermons/rants, I knew exactly what he meant (and I’m pretty sure that Obama did too)–yet Senator Allen loses his VA Senate seat for calling some guy “Macaca”, but Barack Obama gets to be president after sitting in a racist, anti-Semitic church for twenty years. Go figure.

[Oh, and none of you lefty lurkers better bring up Jerome Corsi. I wrote a diary where I went out of my way to condemn his “secret Muslim theory” about Obama and I told people not to buy his book. Furthermore, Redstate and The Minority Report banned anyone who even mentioned that Obama was a Muslim or the Antichrist. Unlike liberals, we police our own here and call out bad behavior. And besides, NOBODY mainstream in the Republican party was promoting that.]

So, In conclusion, why do liberals feel entitled to have the philosphy “Bigotry for me, but not for thee?” There are basically three reasons. The first reason is that some of them have become so “personally and ideologically invested in Barack Obama” (to quote Pat Buchanan), that they have literally become Machiavellian and will use any weapon in their arsenal to destroy people who they perceive as Obama’s enemies–and will even resort to sexism and blatant bigotry if they feel that it’s necessary (Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan and Jeaneane Garofalo fall into this category). The second group are people who have kind of a medieval mentality. They think that by voting for Obama for president (and by being liberals themselves) that they have bought indulgences in The Church of the Obamamessiah, and so therefore, they can get away with saying any offensive crap that they want, and that because they support St. Barack of Hope, they will automatically get absolution for their sins (this is similar to people who travel in big private jets but buy carbon credits–Maureend Dowd, Bill Maher, and Lawrence O’Donnell fit into this group). Now, the third group simply consists of people who are aware of the MSM’s liberal bias; therefore, they know that they can say whatever they want and they won’t be held to the same standard that a conservative would (Sonya Sotomayor, Perez Hilton, and Guy Cimbalo (the guy who wrote the Hatef**k article) fit into this category).

OK, right now, some liberals who are reading this might be saying to themselves, “You know, Susannah makes some good points. Maybe we should take the plank out of our own eye and start calling out bad behavior on our side when we see it”–however, trust me, these people are in the minority. Most of the trolls that will read and comment on this diary will A.) Personally attack me and Redstate (instead of refuting any of the points that I made) B.) Bring up how “evil” they think Bush and Cheney are C.) Carry on about how they don’t believe in American exceptionalism and how we should be more like Sweden–that’s the whiny, liberal troll trifecta boys and girls. (Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that all liberals are whiny. My mother’s a liberal and she’s certainly not whiny; however, the trolls that we get here sure the hell are).

So, come on all of you trolls out there–channel you’re inner Joy Behar or Keith Olbermann and give me your best shot. Just please try not to be too shrill–we don’t want to hurt any dog’s ears in the nearby vicinity do we? OK–all together now–

“I’m a liberal and I voted for Obama…..I can’t be a sexist or a racist. Therefore, I get a pass to say all of the offensive crap that I want. And besides, Bush is evil and Cheney is Darth Vader, and America sucks and we should bow to and backslap more dictators so other countries will like us more” (pouts and stomps foot).

Oh, and if any of you forgot how to whine and moan, see exhibit A below.

Damn, it’s good to be back–even if just for a little while. 😉

This diary is cross-posted on The Minority Report.

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