A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words!

As most of my regular readers are aware, I recently wrote a diary about President Obama’s Apologolooza/America sucks tour throughout Europe and at the G-20 Summit titled, “Mr. President, Do You Believe In American Exceptionalism?”. (Actually, it was his second Apologolooza world tour–we all remember the famous Berlin trip last summer during the general election where Obama apologized for America to the Germans, right?) Well, I completed my diary before President Obama embarked on his third Apologolooza/America sucks tour throughout Latin America, where he even wrote an op-ed apologizing to the Mexican government. I think I’ll call it Apologolooza part III–the Latin American Adventure. (If Obama’s not careful he’s gonna run out of continents to bring his show to. I wonder if Apologolooza part IV will be take place in Africa or Asia, but I digress). Anyway, please consider this diary an addendum to the previous diary that I recently wrote.

Now below, I have embedded a video of Jake Tapper’s coverage of President Obama’s Apologolooza part III tour throughout Latin America. First, Tapper begins by explaining the “Obama Doctrine”, and one of the things that he quotes President Obama as saying is that “We need to confess when we don’t live up to our ideals” (translation–“We need to apologize and flagellate ourselves a little more”).

Next, Jake Tapper ironically shows a clip of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (hardly a right-wing bomb thrower), in 2007, when she was running for president. In the clip, Clinton stated that we don’t want to meet with dictators without preconditions because “We don’t want to see the power and the prestige of the US Presidency put at risk by rushing into meetings with Chavez, Castro and Ahmadinejad”. Well, it’s really too bad that President Obama didn’t heed her warning, because after his handshake/backslap with Hugo Chavez (what–no bow? Chavez got shafted), his allowing Chavez to humiliate him by giving him an anti-American book in front of a gathering of cameras and world leaders (that Jake Tapper writes about in his blog), and his sitting there for an entire fifty-two minutes while Daniel Ortega, the dictator of Nicaragua, trashed the United States (oh, and the socialist Bolivian president accused the US of trying to assassinate him), President Obama did a whole lot more than just put “the power and the prestige of the US Presidency at risk”–he pretty much let these third world tyrants give the middle finger to our “prestige”, but I digress. Now, of course, President Obama stated that he was just trying to be “courteous”; however, I thought that Nevada Senator John Ensign hit it out of the park when he said that it was “irresponsible for President Obama to be seen laughing and joking around with” a tyrant like Hugo Chavez.

Oh, but I almost forgot. Jake Tapper did have a ray of sunlight to shed on President Obama’s Latin American Apologolooza/America sucks world tour. Tapper reported President Obama stating that, “We are making progress”, because Raul Castro is “willing to discuss human rights and political prisoners”. (Yes, Raul Castro is such a benevolent leader and a trustworthy man, that I’m sure that we can count on him to keep his word because he told Obama that he would).

And finally, in the end of the video, Jake Tapper explains that President Obama didn’t understand the full gravity of the insult that Hugo Chavez was throwing his way by giving him the anti-American book (titled, “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent”) in front of an audience and TV cameras, because “President Obama doesn’t speak Spanish”. Well, I just got a big belly laugh out of that one, because wasn’t it Obama who said last summer that “we should teach our children Spanish and be embarrassed that we don’t know French”? That’s some irony for you there boys and girls.

Click here for Jake Tapper ABC video.

Now, the previous video of Jake Tapper’s reporting on Apologolooza III was really just the appetizer–the main course is coming up next. Below, I have pasted a link to a Fox News Mobile video with Megyn Kelly. In this video, Kelly interviews Doug Schoen, a former Democratic pollster for President Clinton (again, hardly a right-wing bomb thrower), who was there to discuss his new book on Hugo Chavez titled, “The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the Threat Against America”. In this interview, Schoen points out that, “We should have been in touch with the Venezuelans to make it clear that it’s not acceptable, without preconditions, for the two leaders to embrace”.

Next, Megyn Kelly shows footage of Hugo Chavez, in a 2006 speech at the U.N., buffoonishly calling President Bush “the Devil” and stating that he “could still smell the sulfur”. Kelly then goes on to quote Hugo Chavez as stating, one day after 9/11, that “the US brought the attacks on itself”. Doug Schoen responded to her by saying that, “You really can’t excuse this kind of behavior, as well as the drug trafficking, the support of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the support of Hamas, and the massive limitations on political freedom in Venezuela”. I tend to agree with Schoen–especially since Iran is killing American soldiers. Then, Schoen further adds that Hugo Chavez has never renounced, nor recanted, any of his offensive statements regarding the US.

Towards the end of the interview, Megyn Kelly asks Doug Schoen if “Obama is in fantasyland” thinking that he can change how these dictators, like Chavez, operate. Schoen responds by stating that, “If Obama can not get Chavez to make conscious changes in his policies, then he is in fantasyland, because hugs, exchanges of handshakes and exchanges of books don’t do anything other than support Chavez at home and help him to implement policies that undermine freedom and democracy in Venezuela”.

However, the best part of this Fox News footage came in the very beginning of this video. I’m just mentioning it now, because I believe in saving the best for last (you know, go out with a bang). In the first fifteen seconds of this interview (watch these first fifteen seconds carefully), you can see Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary and Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser, sitting behind Obama and to the immediate left of him (but to the viewer’s right) when Hugo Chavez gregariously comes up to President Obama to hand him the infamous book in front of the throngs of reporters. As you watch this video, one cannot help but notice the look of intense disgust on Larry Summers’ face as Chavez sticks it to President Obama by handing him the anti-American book in front of the media. Furthermore, as Obama just humbly smiles and accepts the book, you can see Summers roll his eyes and toss his head in complete and utter revulsion that our president would allow some tin-pot dictator to make him look like a weak-kneed pansy in front of the whole world.

Click here for Fox News Megyn Kelly video.

I just have one question after viewing this–AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO NOTICED THIS FOOTAGE OF LARRY SUMMERS’ FACE?! I find it extremely hard to believe that someone, somewhere, in the the MSM didn’t notice this as well. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m sure that some of them noticed it, they just chose not to report on it (you know, you can’t make The One look bad), but I digress.

So, in conclusion, I could probably write a one thousand page thesis on why President Obama should have manned up and knocked off the whole Apologolooza world tour that he’s got going on–but hey, more is not always better–sometimes it’s just more. No, I think that in this particular case, I will let Larry Summers’ face do the talking for me. Come to think of it, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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