This Guy Makes Some Really Good Points.....[Saturday Afternoon Open Thread]

Watch this absolutely hysterical video below. Yes, this guy (Louis CK) is a comedian appearing in a guest spot on The Conan O’Brien Show. However, he makes some excellent points about what a spoiled generation that we have become with a raging sense of entitlement.

I even see myself in his comments. I sometimes fight the urge to smack my computer when it doesn’t behave exactly how I want it to, forgetting about the fact that I didn’t even own a computer until around ten years ago. Oh, and the rotary phones that he was talking about–my family had one of those when I was growing up. And yet, here I am constantly complaining about my cell phone reception, when I didn’t even own a cell phone until around four years ago when I went to medical school and had to have one (now, it’s all I use).

Oh, and finally, a hat tip to my most excellent Dad who emailed me this hilarious video. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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