Bob Herbert, There You Go Again....[Updated]

As some of Redstate’s regular readers are aware, I have previously written diaries about Frank Rich and Nicholas Kristof. Well now, in part three of my series titled “Get to know a New York Times Columnist”, I will dissect Bob Herbert.

Yesterday, Bob Herbert wrote a column that I felt needed a response. He started out by complaining about MN congresswoman Michelle Bachman (mind you, most Americans probably have no idea who she is) stating that she thought that some members of congress aren’t pro-American enough. Then, in a total non-sequitur, Herbert went off on a tirade about how the ACORN scandal is a “phony” scandal and implied that John McCain was inciting violence by even mentioning it in the final debate (I am not making this up). Well, this was all just too much for me, so I posted a comment on The New York Time’s website; however, my comment never appeared (gee, I wonder why). So, since The New York Times didn’t want to post my comment, I decided to post it right here on Redstate, but with more details and links than I could have used in my original comment on The New York Time’s website. So, here goes:

Mr. Herbert,

There is so much wrong with your column that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, you state that the ACORN scandal is a “phony” scandal. Oh, so that’s why the FBI has been investigating ACORN for voter fraud in more than a dozen different states–because it’s a “phony” scandal and the FBI likes wasting their time. I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Not to mention, you site such a credible and objective source (The New York Times editorial page) in order to back up your claim that this is indeed a “phony” scandal (laughing as I type this).

Second of all, I recently wrote a diary for Redstate here, where I write in detail and use multiple sources in order to explain that, yes, ACORN is indeed a corrupt organization, and, yes, Obama’s connections to ACORN run deep and back quite a while. (I also suggest reading Dan McLaughlin’s diary about ACORN—the link is in my diary).

Third of all, you imply that John McCain was deliberately inciting violence against ACORN members by simply mentioning in a debate that ACORN has been charged with committing voter fraud (which it has) and of undermining our democracy. However, you do realize that these so called reports of violent threats come from members of an organization that is charged with illegal activity, but I digress.

Now, do you realize that there have been ACTUAL acts of violence against McCain supporters committed by Obama supporters (the links are below)? But, I guess that doesn’t really matter because, after all, they are just McCain supporters–right?

Obama supporter assaults woman holding a McCain sign

Obama supporters throw molotov cocktails at McCain sign in a yard

Hilarious yard sign

Moe Lane’s diary about a vandalized home and RV

Steph C’s diary about a home in FL being shot with a pellet gun

Oh, and it’s not just McCain supporters who have been the victims of the “thuggish tactics” (to quote Jaun Williams) of Obama supporters. Linked below are four different videos of first hand accounts of voter fraud and outright bullying and intimidation by Obama supporters, toward Hillary supporters, during the Democratic primary. (If you only have time to watch one of the videos, then I suggest watching the third one.)

We Will Not Be Silenced–part one

We Will Not Be Silenced–part two

We Will Not Be Silenced–part three

We Will Not Be Silenced–part four

By the way Mr. Herbert, can you please explain to me why the media is still busy performing a colonoscopy on Joe the Plumber, or looking into Sarah Palin’s obstectric records, but are ignoring the people in the above videos (or Bill Ayers for that matter)? Do you honestly think that if Obama supporters had these kinds of stories to tell about Clinton or McCain supporters that the media would be ignoring them?

And finally, Mr. Herbert, during the Democratic primary, you falsely accused Hillary Clinton of racism and of running a “southern strategy” against Barack Obama.

Next, in an embarrassing stint on “Morning Joe”, you falsely accused the McCain campaign of running a “southern strategy” against Obama with their Paris/Britney ads. Then again, you did seem to hallucinate and see The Washington Monument, which wasn’t even in the ad, and you confused the The Victory Column with The Leaning Tower of Pisa, but I digress. Below are the two videos of your performance on “Morning Joe”.

Anyway, my point is that, just as your delusions made you see two objects in the McCain ad that weren’t really there, your delusions have made you see a racist “southern strategy” being employed by anyone who dares to run against Obama. Did it ever occur to you (or to your editor) that expressing your delusions might have the potential to incite violence–or, at the very least, divisiveness? I’m not trying to sound melodramatic here, but I don’t think that you realize exactly how poisonous it is to falsely accuse a candidate of doing something as evil as running a southern strategy, or of deliberately inciting violence. I have a question for you Mr. Herbert. What kind of voters are drawn to a candidate that runs a southern strategy and deliberately incites violence? Answer—stupid, racist, evil voters. So, when you accuse a candidate of running a “southern strategy” or of deliberately inciting violence, you are basically communicating (whether you realize it or not) to impressionable young people, ideological Obama supporters in the media, and far-left lunatics that, “Hey, it’s OK to bully and threaten old ladies at caucuses, it’s OK to stalk and harass a plumber for asking Obama a simple question, it’s OK to vandalize McCain supporters homes (and possibly set them on fire), and it’s even OK to physically assault a woman carrying a McCain sign. These people aren’t supporting McCain (or Hillary in the primary) because they have some difference with Obama over a specific policy, or because they are worried about Obama’s lack of experience. These people are supporting McCain because they are bad people. They are not like us.”

Mr. Herbert, as a New York Times columnist, you have the power to influence millions of people; however, with that power comes awesome responsibility. But, throughout this election season, you have abused your power and behaved incredibly irresponsibly by “otherizing” (to quote Nicholas Kristof) people who don’t support Barack Obama. So, Mr. Herbert, my question to you is, are you even the least bit ashamed of yourself?

Sincerely, Susannah