My Position on Abortion

My Position on Abortion:

I’m Pro-Choice, and I Choose Life. Personally, for myself, I don’t support abortion. As a person of faith I understand that God gave to each one of us free agency. If God was gracious enough to give me free agency who am I to deny you yours. If you or I make the wrong choice we’ll be held individually to account before God. On that grounds, and the grounds this United States of America hold’s freedom most dear, I declare there should be a reasonable compromise to this debate. Stop arguing about a moral dilemma that can never be solved. Start engaging in action that will bring about real change. If you want your sisters to choose life help them. Put your money where your heart is, and buy a bag of diapers for a single mother. Donate to charities that support low income families. Support the homeless in obtaining affordable housing. Most of all stop this dame argument, and start making a difference in the lives of woman who might make the most devastating mistake of their lives. Jesus taught the greatest act of love is Charity. Instead of standing in condemnation of your sister’s choice pray for God to fill her heart with love and mercy. Pray for her to gain insight and understanding. Most of all walk with her in forgiveness for her life will never be the same if she chooses wrong. I believe John McCain and Sarah Palin support a well reasoned policy that make it more comfortable to make the right choice. Please join me in marching with them to victory in November 2008!