Two Weeks Later: Democrat Rep. Charlie Wilson Is Still a Wife Beater

Ohio District 6 are you listening?  No one likes a wife beater–especially someone that plays it off that he doesn’t hit women–but really beats his wife into submission as noted in the court documents:

Charles admits that early in the marriage he kicked and struck Plaintiff and accused her of adultery . Clara shall confirm the beatings, slappings, and kicking at the early stage of her marriage to the point where she was afraid to anger the Defendant and instead yielded to his demands…

He jumped out of his chair and grabbed her about the neck as he slammed her into the refrigerator. He then grabbed her about both arms, shaking her as they both went over to the kitchen counter which Mrs. Wilson struck with enough force to take the breath out of her. She then fell to the floor, hitting the bottom door to the sink. As she lay there stunned, she couldn’t move her head or pick up her arm.“Clara was taken to the East Ohio Regional Hospital by her son. She initially lied to the emergency room physician that she had fallen down stairs. The physician’s observation of a bruise on the back of the right shoulder was inconsistent with a fall down the stairs. He questioned her further and learned of her husband’s assault.”

Charles admits grabbing Plaintiff [his then-wife, Clara] by the arms and shaking her. He admits grabbing her around the neck with one hand. He admits bruising Plaintiff’s arms and neck. emphasis mine

So, Democrat Congressman Charlie Wilson beat his wife so badly that he sent her to the emergency room.

I wonder how that would change these ratings if these organizations knew he beat his wife into submission.  According to VoteSmart.org, Wilson rated on women’s issues as follows:

Interestingly enough, there have been other candidates that have had information from divorce records unsealed that caused them to leave their races.  I’m wondering why Democrat Charlie Wilson hasn’t come forward and stepped down; doesn’t he see that he is not worthy to hold this position with this information out in the sunlight and has no place in the United States Congress.

Charlie Wilson, Democrat from Ohio District 6, you beat your wife–into submission–and if that isn’t enough

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