Democrat Rob Miller Runs Away to DC for Cash; Joe Wilson Turns to Grassroots

Democrat Rob Miller of South Carolina runs away from his constituents and finds refuge in the comforts of the DC establishment to raise campaign cash.  Miller who touts his Iraq war vet status to hide his progressivism, can be branded as nothing more than a rubber-stamp for Obama’s policies.   Where else would loyalty rest than with the DC establishment?  With the strongarm of  Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, how effective do voters think Miller will be in voting against “the family”?

Miller is placing all of his marbles in Congressman’s Joe Wilson’s emotional calling out of Obama at the state of the union address–but Wilson was right.  As one of the hosts of his DC fun-raisers states:

Tim Lin, a regional director for the Grossman Marketing Group who is a host for one of Thursday’s events, referenced the incident in an email invitation on Wednesday.

“We have to send a message to politicians that no matter how different our beliefs, we still can maintain respect for one another,” Lin wrote. “Politicans need to lead by example and when they commit such an egregious act of disrespect in public, we need to stand up and do what we can to show them that this behavior will not stand.”

Hmmm….really?  So, let’s then revisit this gem of a video–broken by Mike Flynn over at Breitbart’s Big Government.  I cannot find a comment from Miller’s campaign on this incident, which leads me to believe that the rules only apply to the right.

I think I need to point out the obvious to those voters who give Rob Miller the benefit of the doubt:  if you are raising money in DC at law firms and a company that provides online services for progressive political campaigns, know that Miller is a progressive, Obama-agenda rubber stamp whose allegiance will not be to South Carolina voters, but to the overall Obama/Pelosi agenda and the DC establishment.  Miller represents everything that is wrong with Washington, but tries to masquerade as a conservative war veteran.

Joe Wilson has grassroots support and is campaigning within his state.  See the difference?

Remember, there are no conservative Democrats, Pelosi will always get her votes, and it was the Democrats who defied the will of the American people in the legislation they have forced on us. 

Finally, with all of the political cleansing going on, if candidates are indeed conservative, they would most assuredly be on the Republican ticket.

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