Pelosi Says She Has the Votes, So Have the Vote, Nan

I can only think she’s bluffing here when she says:

“Yes,” Pelosi said when asked if she believed the House would end up having the votes to approve healthcare.

“If we took it up today, yes,” the speaker quickly added.

The speaker still cautioned, though, that the timing and actual vote count on the bill couldn’t be entirely set in stone until the final legislative language was finalized and until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) delivers its score of the bill’s impact.

Pelosi is blaming the CBO for the delay, because she knows she doesn’t have the votes. If she did, she’d be running straight to Obama’s desk with the passed bill in hand before the final tally was even posted on Roll Call.

The CBO’s numbers have no relevance to the House vote on the bill. The CBO has already scored the Senate version. Reconciliation is a deceptive diversion and the CBO is the current scapegoat.