Doug Hoffman Back in Race for NY-23; What Will the GOP Do Now?

After missing the mark on the Marco Rubio, will the GOP establishment have learned its lesson and stand with conservative candidates like Doug Hoffman? Hoffman announced his formal entrance into the NY-23 congressional race:

The months ahead will be filled with hard work; because, I realize you don’t inherit a nomination…you have to work for it. I plan to work hard to deserve the nomination of the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties and unite them, as one team, to defeat the agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Bill Owens.

I will champion the fight for less spending, lower taxes, and shrinking the deficit. I will speak out about the need to defend our nation and the freedoms of its people. And, I will never back down from taking on the career politicians who conveniently forget that they represent and work for you; average American citizens, not the Special Interests who fill the back rooms of Washington with lobbyists and fill the campaign coffers of elected officials with money.

How will the NRCC handle the news? Will they stay out of the primary and let the voters of NY-23 decide this time?

Hoffman has plenty of ammunition in this race as Democrat incumbent Bill Owens’ problem with voter betrayal will play a huge role.

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H/T HotAir