Steve Welch, Probable RINO, Drops Out of PA-6 House Race; Endorses Gerlach

It is being reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Republican Steve Welch has ended his bid for the PA-6 House seat and has endorsed incumbent Jim Gerlach. This is actually good news for PA-6 as this could have been a major loss for the GOP. As I reported here and here, Welch may not have been the conservative candidate voters are looking for.

As for Gerlach, I hope, he gets it now. He has stood firm in voting against Obama’s huge spending, cap and trade, and the government takeover of health care. Gerlach joined the DC Tea Party and we will see how firm he stands with the American people and the voter’s of PA-6 this week and over the next 9 months.

One thing is guaranteed–we will be watching.