Dissecting DemonSheep--If You Will

I’ve been watching the humor unfold at Carly Fiorina’s “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” ad, dubbed DemonSheep, by so many–it’s provided me with some good humor for my recovery after a morning surgery. One point that everyone is missing that, although it is a very baaaad campaign ad, at the same time, it’s also very effective. The ad effectively kills two birds with one stone–leaving Chuck Devore to stand alone.

Carly’s campaign has achieved a few goals of advertising; she has made her ad go viral on the internet as the major blogs, including RedState, Michelle Malkin, HuffPo, Daily Beast, and so many more. Everyone in the blogosphere and on Twitter is talking about #demonsheep and @demonsheep, so much so it’s a trending topic.

So, all in all the DemonSheep ad is a surely a “best of,” but best of what is debatable. In trying to take down her opponent and point out Campbell’s fiscal liberalness in the DemonSheep ad, the biggest repercussion is, that while Carly fired a shot at Campbelll, she effectively fired a shot at herself and didn’t miss. Figuratively speaking, of course.

You can view the ad here.