With the fact that Scott Brown won Massachusetts, voters cannot forget this. A few days ago, CNN’s Jack Cafferty finally called out Obama, Pelosi, Gibbs, and the Democrats in Congress on their broken campaign promises, lies, distortions, and secrecy. For those voters in Massachusetts who are still undecided it is a must-see. If you are a Democrat and haven’t realized your party has been hijacked by the radical, far-left progressives, then you may want to watch as well. This should confirm to you that the leftists who want to seize power will say anything–and frankly, lie–to get elected, as Cafferty notes. They do this because, if you really knew the progressive Democrats’ true intentions–to have America fall to socialism in the name of social and economic justice and redistribute its wealth to its rightful owners–you would never vote for them.

It’s about 1:38, so watch it all.