Did Obama Let the Progressive Cat Out of the Bag?

From my latest post on Big Government.

President Obama traveled to Boston to help stop the bleeding of Martha Coakley‘s campaign from several self-inflicted wounds. There are many critiques of the speech, with some pundits saying Obama was flat, uninteresting, and full of the usual drive-by campaign rhetoric that we have all become able to recite at nauseum. As most of us are aware, Obama–without his teleprompter–rambles, is at times incoherent, and goes on and on to answer a yes or no question. He needs his teleprompter. It’s not like an addiction need, it’s more like ‘I really need my teleprompter, because what I really want to say you don’t want to hear’ type of issue.

Obama and his compliant press have tried to manufacture him as a centrist; however, that cover has been blown as of today.

What was stated in the Coakley cheerleading campaign speech in Boston, I don’t think Obama meant to say. He’s been off the campaign trail for so long, that he’s not on his game; I think the misstatement by Obama was a huge gaffe. At about 4:28 during the speech, Obama states:

“…you will carry on the best progressive, forward-looking values…”

He alluded to Massachusetts’ as being progressive and may have thought he was in good company, but for those watching the speech who are undecided and awakened to the whole progressive agenda, maybe not so much anymore. I’ve seen many speeches, and I have yet to hear Obama use the word progressive. He is very careful to hide his progressive roots from the Independent voters who are so critical. It is also further confirmation to the rest of the country, for those who continue to doubt, that he is indeed a progressive and clearly not a centrist.

Finally, could Obama have underestimated the people in Massachusetts? Could they be reclaiming their history as it appears? After all, Massachusetts did fire the shot that was heard around the world.