PA-6 Alert: PROOF Steve Welch Was a Republican, Then a Democrat, Then a Republican and is Now a RINO

Because Congressman Gerlach is running for re-election, I’m reposting this article as there has been so much talk of the NRCC Young Guns program.

I can now confidently confirm that PA-6 Congressional candidate, Steve Welch, is indeed a RINO. Welch’s voter history shows dates and party affliliation. On 11/02/2004 he was a Republican, but changed on on 11/07/2006 to the Democrat party until he decided to run for the PA-7 House seat in 2009. He was chased out of the PA-7 race and switched to the PA-6 House race for Congressman Jim Gerlach’s seat against conservative Republican State Representative Curt Schroder.

On May 19, 2009, it shows Welch as a Republican.

The image of Welch’s voting history can be found here.

Now that we have our facts straight, I can confidently say that Welch is a RINO and would have to prove me wrong. He is whitewashing his donations to Sestak as buyer’s remorse. But in today’s political climate, a third grader could conclude the Democrat party has been hijacked by the far left and once in office Sestak would vote with his party–and he does.

You have to be living under a rock not to know what the Pelosi-led Democrats have been up to the past several years. By saying it happened three years ago, doesn’t make sense. If he was that fed up with the Democrats, he would have changed his voter registration well before 2009.

Welch remained a registered Democrat through the 2008 election. Is he going to tell us that Sestak was a kid in the neighborhood, too?

Welch touts himself as a sharp businessman, and yet was duped by Sestak. Again, he remained a registered Democrat through the primary and general elections of 2008. Who did he vote for in 2008? His political astuteness is questionable, he party hops, and voters in PA-6 will not tolerate that.

The fact that Welch bought into Sestak’s rhetoric is alarming. You can cut the campaign rhetoric with a knife these days.

I’m also hearing, well I was a Democrat before I was a Republican. In this case, I’m not buying it. There seems to be some intentional party switching and that’s disingenuous. Welch is too smart, has serious cash, and supported Democrats through spring 2009. If he weren’t running, would he have changed his registration? Red flags all over the place–and frankly, where have the Blue Dogs gotten us, but nohere–voting with Pelosi. They don’t listen either.

Don’t be fooled. Welch can self-fund and design a slick campaign all he wants, but PA-6 is not for sale.