Obama's Faux Concern for Jobs

Recently, the Obama administration has been skewered for zero job creation. The MSM has just caught on that the so-called stimulus bill was and is nothing more than a big payoff to all those who helped elect Obama. So, of course, no real jobs have been created. That wasn’t the intention.

So now we have unemployment over 10%, closer to 20% in reality, when it wasn’t supposed to go higher than 8%–save the stimulus.

Finally and falsely, we have a president who is noticing that his policies have killed more than four million jobs in 11 months. All of us outside the beltway knew this was the only outcome to be had. But, Obama is putting on his faux concern for jobs, when in reality, I would argue he’s quite pleased with the result.

You see Obama needs high unemployment and he needs Americans to feel hopeless because then he can be their beacon of hope and change. Obama will be the One to lend the helping hand to pick up Americans. Obama will be the One to give checks, food stamps, and health insurance. He will be the One to save Americans from the pit of despair. Obama and the federal government will be their savior.

Obama needs to keep on his sympathetic game face for Americans and appear on the outside that he cares. The reality is, it is his policies that have destroyed the jobs, ironicly enough, with our own money.

The reasons companies and small businesses are not hiring is quite simple: they are waiting for ObamaCare, cap-and-trade, and global warming to go away. They are adjusting their budgets for the coming onslaught of taxes, fees, and regulations to be put upon them.

It’s really that simple. Companies are not reinvesting money or hiring people because they are hoarding the money to prepare for what’s to come.

Obama could make all of this go away and Americans would be able to let down and forge ahead, if he would just take his socialistic and Marxist, wealth redistributive policies and toss them away. But, he can’t. Obama and the Democrats know that THIS will most likely be the last time they have a supermajority in Congress, and this is the last time to ram through health care and redistributive “change” legislation. After all, Obama said in 2001 that the Supreme Court didn’t go far enough with wealth redistribution. Now, Obama thinks it’s his turn to finish the job.

So, again, I keep saying, don’t be fooled. This is all for show. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. Everything is intentional and he knows exactly what the results of his policies are going to be.

If Obama cared anything about Americans and jobs, the first action he would take would be is to make permanent or at least extend those horrid Bush tax cuts set to expire. They are already in place, so what’s the harm? And it could only help, right?