We Need a Constitutional Exploratory Commission

I have found that more people in the state and federal legislatures are not constitutional scholars–and they freely admit it that to me. You would think that they are, after all, they take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This oath is an afterthought, muttered empty words by our Congressional leaders. Yet, so many Americans are clinging to their beloved Constitution during this troublesome time when our freedoms are being stripped, industries being taken over by the government, and the nation intentionally bankrupted.

Wouldn’t the simplest way to resolve the question of constitutionality of bills, i.e., potential laws, be to examine the Constitution first for legitimacy of these legislative pieces. It would make it easier to dissect the proposed language using the Constitution, rather than ideology and self-interest—or a political agenda.

Repeat: It would only seem reasonable that before any legislation is drafted and sent to committee, it is actually deemed Constitutional.

A non-partisan “Constitutionality Exploratory Commission” (CEC) should explore these legislative pieces—just like the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scores budgetary pieces. And no, I don’t mean the Supreme Court and have it legislate from the bench–which is where the Congress says we should take up Constutional matters.

I’m talking about a commission that would prescreen legislation for Constitutional legitimacy, compliance, and adherence. Anything has to be better than the current process which is: write it, ram it, pass it.

Footnote: Barack Obama is a Constitutional attorney, who also knows how to dismantle the Constitution. This fact further underscores the need for this non-partisan commission to stop intentionally destructive legislation from ever reaching either floor of Congress.