Will You Be Silenced By The Fallout from Tucson?

It will be sometime before the demands of our life make the Tucson murders fade into the background of life, to join Columbine, Jonestown, September 11 and a myriad of other senseless slaughters as distant memories in the endless parade of such travesties.  


I know from the experience of losing a young and presumably healthy sibling suddenly (although not to any “man-caused” disaster, but a “hemorrage of unknown etiology”) four years and seven months ago today, that time does not heal all wounds, they fade only enough to become bearable. Notice, I don’t use the word “tragedy”, it is not appropriate-tragedies are unavoidable and outside human control-travesties are neither. No murder is a tragedy. Not these, not the 55 million that have been committed in the name of “choice”. 


Anybody with the slightest humanity cannot be left cold and empty by mass murder, especially those committed with premeditation and in “cold blood”.  Those emotions do not justify letting down our guard.


Unfortunately, experience tells us, there will be other events just like this one. Experience also tells us that there is a great danger here, which politicians will attempt to capitalize on them. Rahm Emmanuel might have become the great exhibitionist of political opportunism with his comment about not letting a good crisis go to waste-but it’s hardly an original thought. This is instinct among the political class, especially the left and at the highest offices, an occupational requirement. Am I suddenly to believe that the political class isn’t going to try to utilize this as a “crisis”?  Some of the left, specifically Mark Penn were anticipating (hoping for?) such an event, specifically to provide Obama with the chance to “re-connect”. I will not forget and I will continue to remind others of this ghoulishness.   


Indeed, the left’s grave-robbing instincts were on display almost immediately. Within hours the left’s attack dogs, notably Paul Krugman started to spin a narrative that right-wing political speech pulled the trigger, not a killer. As we speak, the enemies of the second amendment are dusting of their dream bills and that chattering classes will be in their echo chambers conjuring up close-ended questions to advance the leftist agenda


While most people are praising Mr. Obama’s speech, I’m not and will not, because I see the opportunistic continuation of the narrative of inflammatory rhetoric continued. (Full disclosure: I read the speech, I didn’t want to risk nausea at night by watching it)


Though denying political rhetoric played any explicit role, he nonetheless continued the line that we need to tone it down as fitting tribute for the victims. A more fitting tribute would be to urge people to treat Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto with disdain and disregard, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Living citizens are to be stifled, not dead misanthropes, especially the ones that are prophets for the secular left.


Worse, a man whose political rhetoric includes such “civil” phrases as “hostage takers”, “bring a gun”, “whose ass to kick”, “punish your enemies”, “I won” and “get in their face” et al, has no moral authority to lecture anybody else on the civility of their speech.  Mr. Obama needs to look in a mirror, not into a crowd. Moreover, for him to continually accept applause at a memorial without graciously refusing it as inappropriate for an event that should be solemn and sober shows him at his worst, not his best.


Within that phrase “civil and honest public discourse” are the seeds of more speech restrictions, just as “hope and change” was a vacant slogan for government healthcare, czars, and a general concentration of political power. 


Ironically, it wasn’t so long ago, before the former Junior Senator from Illinois was taking vacations to escape the White House, that dissent was considered the highest form of “civil and honest public discourse”. Who can forget the shrieking and shaking Hillary Clinton, proclaiming “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”  Bravo, and that means if I want to call this President or any President a “jackass” or a “liar”, that’s my right. I’m not going to be bullied like Mr. Wilson. Better Presidents have been called worse.


The left has largely advanced through the imposition of restrictions on speech. Words often give life to inchoate concepts. To be muzzled is to be neutered. Don’t let the natural emotions of the moment allow the left to duct tape our mouths. He may have spoken in the softest tones, but his words “scream for your submission”, as for me, I will not submit. If Obama wants to keep bowing before foreign leaders, he can. I will not bow to him. I want him defeated and no matter how small and insignificant my effort will be, it will be the full measure of what I can offer to that end.