Federal Reserve Bank Examiners-Not in Bedford Falls Anymore

Bank Examiners and Christmas have but one connection-in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

The newer breed clearly needs any life.



This doesn’t exactly comport with the normal criticisms of the Federal Reserve, but it might be more compelling.

Since the lawyers at the Fed have apparently realized the First Amendment trumps the curiously malfeasant interpretations of Fed regulations made by a petty tyrant masquerading as a regulator ( and we can assume Ben Bernanke thinks its probably a bad idea to give Ron Paul a little gasoline), we can celebrate the victory, but lament the occurrence of the battle and the presence of such twisted misanthropes in positions of authority.

However, the question remains, will the responsible employee(s) be disciplined? Perhaps sent to a “sensitivity” training-or how about a class on the First Amendment?

We will probably never know for sure, however these examiners given offense to a legally “protected class” or perhaps a religion more favored by the dead tree media, we can assume this that they would have been very publicly sacrificed to the gods of political correctness and no doubt all Federal Reserve employees would have been required to undergo “diversity” training and been subjected to a “no-exceptions” policy.

This illustrates the problem with regulators, first voiced in Latin. Who polices the police?

In other news, the war on Christmas continues..