Mitch McConnell, Bob Michel Award Nominee

Apparently, Mitch McConnell aspires to be the new Bob Michel-the man who sheepishly conceded the idea of permanent minority for his party, election after election, while maintaining his hold on the title “leader”.

Clearly, McConnell doesn’t understand job one for the Senate Minority Leader is becoming Senate Majority leader. According to Rollcall.com,


McConnell won’t campaign against Harry Reid. The article indicates the two have something of a “covenant not to compete” in order to restore “decorum” to the Senate. Unfortunately, shaking hands with Reid on restoring decorum, is like partnering with BP on maintaining clean oceans.

The usual suspects seem willing to forgive McConnell’s efforts at winning the Neville Chamberlain award and the key reasoning is contained in this anonymously cited bit of drivel: “But at the end of the day, the Senate has to run,..”. “To do that, the two leaders need to have a relationship.” Really? Did the Senate need top pass Obamacare? That’s not running, its dysfunction. The Senate was supposed to be the brakes on the ill-advised, rushed and unconstitutional. Shepherding that one piece of legislation alone should make the Reid the top priority in an all-out effort to retake the Senate.

Its up to the voters of Kentucky to determine if he represents if he represents their interests,and they seem satisfied up until now. However, party leadership involves more.  As a registered Republican, I expect a little more brass where it counts, and a little less concern for the opponent’s contrived sensibilities, especially one who shows rapaciousness, not reciprocation.

It’s time for the pusillanimous caucus to quit freebasing saltpeter.  Fraternizing with the opposition isn’t collegiality, it’s dereliction of duty. This is the equivalent of a boxer unilaterally failing to punch at an opponent’s head. If McConnell doesn’t have a taste for punching, he needs to give up electoral pugilism.

Attempting to justify restraint based on some imagined comity isn’t leadership, it is cause for removal. Either hit Reid hard or get out of the ring.