Lindsey Graham wants to ban constitutionalists from government security positions


At the above link, Dave Weigel reports:

“The key quote-monger in the story is Sen. Lindsey Graham, who firmly believes that ‘the world is the battlefield’ in the great war on terror, and who is willing to go to some lengths to prosecute Snowden and Snowden-alikes. He wondered whether young ‘libertarian’ types could be trusted to serve in classified positions when they proved that they weren’t keen on the strategy. ”

There’s a certain crop of Republicans who like to use the label “libertarian” as a smear. Lindsey Graham is prominent among them. Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee have also been known to do that. When this smear gets expanded to include a significant part of the Republican party (as it does when used by the three individuals just mentioned), it becomes clear that it’s really dysphemism. These big-government Republicans would rather not admit that they are centrists, and so they declare that anyone to their right is a libertarian.

In this latest example, Lindsey opines that anyone who respects the 4th Amendment as much as Ed Snowden apparently does should not have access to classified information. In other words, as a prerequisite to holding such jobs you have to take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and as another prerequisite, you have to be lying when you take that oath.

When progressives worry that too many people might learn the truth about the leviathan state and become conservatives, they have no compunction about using the tools available to them in that leviathan state to manipulate society in their favor.

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