Those Crazy Racist Southern Republicans Did It Again!

Bobby Jindal

In case you missed it, Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governor of Louisiana, was reelected last night.

“Landslide” hardly begins to cover it – Jindal captured 66% of the vote and his nearest competitor only 18%, plus eight other candidates with 5% or less. Full election results available here.

I met Jindal at a campaign rally for Rick Scott’s gubernatorial campaign last year, and was very impressed with his intelligence and sincerity. Watching Jindal’s strong leadership during the Gulf oil spill, you could tell he cares deeply for the people of his state and that he was really affected by the environmental and economic devastation caused by the spill.

And, oh, by the way…notice how all those evil racist Southern Republicans voted to reelect an Indian guy? Those crazy racists, they keep voting for candidates like Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott in South Carolina, and Florida’s Marco Rubio and Allen West. And then there’s all those racists who are propelling Ted Cruz to the top of the Texas Senate race and keep voting for Herman Cain at the straw polls.

Hmmm. Maybe Janeane Garofalo can explain it to me?

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