Memo to Michael Steele

I remember back in November when you hopped on a plane to congratulate Chris Christie for his victory in New Jersey.   On Tuesday night, if Scott Brown should prevail, don’t you dare!   It won’t be your party; and you can interpret that phrase everywhich way.

We should all thank you Scott Brown for having the fortitude to persevere.  He worked every day, 18 hours a day.  The guy started at less than zero.  He shook every hand in sight and made retail politics the bread and butter of his campaign.  And it worked.   As a Republican.  In Massachusetts!   Of all places.   He raised money, no thanks to you or the RNC, and it flooded in – small donations – from people everywhere.  My elderly dad asked me to show him how to donate “through the computer.”   Your support can best be described as perfunctory.  At the same time interest in Scott Brown was growing, you were reminding people how the Republican Party CAN’T retake Congress.  Nice timing.

If, God willing, Scott Brown pulls this out next Tuesday, it won’t be because of you or the RNC.  it will be in spite of you.   It will be because the guy was tireless in a place where no one – you included – thought his tireless effort was worth it.  He did.  Win or lose, he deserves our thanks.  But, in either event, don’t you dare jump in front of the parade.

That’s all.  I’ll be watching.

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