Help spread the word for these people

As all here know, people are protesting and giving their lives for freedom and democracy on the streets of Iran. Protesters are being arrested. Newspeople and their stories are being shut down, locked up, or worse. The Green Movement is begging for world leaders to stand behind them; but, through it all, they get much of the same. Which is to say, not much of anything at all. It was nice to see Barack come down off his surfboard for a few minutes and condemn the violence. He needs to do and say more. And if he won’t, then someone else must.

I realize I’m not breaking new ground here, but if freedom and democracy are ever going to breathe in Iran, the stories and the news that these people are trying to tell -the same stories and news that the regime is trying to stifle – they need to be spread far and wide.  The tweets that I read each day, dozens every hour, are gripping. Some of the photos and video clips are brutal.   Brutal though they may be, people need to see them.  They need to be distributed to all corners.

I don’t want to break any rules of the site, and if I am, I apologize. Please feel free to edit or delete as you see fit. I’m just asking on behalf of these people who are literally dying for their cause that we help their message get through. Maybe if enough people read and see what’s going on in the fight for freedom and democracy it will help embolden them further. Maybe it will even help some in this country appreciate what others are willing to do for a little piece of what we have.

If you are on Twitter, I recommend following these hashtags for starters: #iran, #neda, #IranElection, #ashura #HumanRights.  If you’re not on Twitter, you should be.

Follow and retweet for some of these people, and share their news:


I could post more links, but if you leaf through even one of those Twitter pages or hashtags, you’ll get a flood of new links on your own. You’ll see blogs, facebook pages, video clips – many that you might find too graphic.  Forward them.  Retweet them. Spread them around. Who knows – some day WE may be looking for help and support when we need to take to the streets for our freedom and democracy.