The Audacity of a Dope

So, two minutes ago, the following tweet comes through:

Let’s have a constructive debate. http://bit.ly/nr7eE

I know, I know. . . following Al Gore is idiocy enough (check out his young-skinny Al profile picture, by the way). I compounded things by clicking his link to “Al’s Journal”:

A constructive debate
November 12, 2009 : 3:05 PM

Last week the Environment and Public Works committee, under the able leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer, passed the most comprehensive piece of climate legislation in a generation. The vote was 11-1. Not a single Republican on the committee showed up.

This is a serious issue that requires our full attention. Republican Senators have decided that the better tactic is to ignore and stall and delay. After not showing up for the vote, they now complain about not being part of the process.

There is room for bipartisanship on this issue, as Senator Lindsay Graham has demonstrated. It is my hope that other Republicans begin to take their cues from him.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! This from a guy who has ducked every tough question or request for debate for the last four years. Suddenly, when Harry Reid hints that legislation to enable Al Gore’s next billion may be put on the back burner, NOW debate is so critical.

He’s just precious.