One "Simply Exhausted" Democrat

I heard Scott Brown, Republican candidate for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat, on the radio this morning.  He mentioned a recent League of Women Voters debate where Democratic candidate Rep. Michael Capuano, under heavy barrage by Brown, simply packed up his things and left the stage.   Leading Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, didn’t bother to show at all.   I went looking for a story about this debate in the news, and found only this one blog post by BNCordeiro at redmassgroup.

As I was leaving work yesterday I was stunned when my cell phone registered a few Twitter tweets about the US Senate debate sponsored by League of Women Voters.  The fact that the woman, Martha Coakley, failed to show up at the debate is a whole other story.

Anyway, I’m walking out of my store when I’m alerted that Capuano suddenly picked up his name plate and walked off stage without any explanation.  Next, I’m alerted to the fact that before Cappy exited stage right that he was getting bombarded by State Senator Scott Brown on the issues of the federal stimulus failing to create jobs as well as on cap and trade legislation.

What is the official response by Rep. Capuano’s people?  Evidently, Cappy was “simply exhausted.”

I shouldn’t be surprised that I couldn’t find a single mass media description of this, but someone MUST have video of it somewhere.  If Coakley were there, you can be sure she would have leaked a clip of this.

“Simply exhausted” perfectly describes so many things about Michael Capuano and his campaign these days. He’s done. He’s been called out in one Boston daily for skipping too many votes, and another for flip-flopping.   But this story, if true, is less about Mike Capuano and more about a House member whithering and running away from criticism of his Congressional work.   This is a story that should be blasted up on Youtube for all to see.  Unfortunately, because the Massachusetts political media has anointed Martha Coakley, Rep. Capuano knew he could quietly and unceremonious retreat.   That’s galling.