The Weird World of Boston Globe News Room

At some point last week, Boston Globe Editor Marty Baron met with his staff. I imagine the meeting played out something like this:

Marty Baron:  Okay guys, what do we have in the works?

Metro:  Mayoral election.  That’s always  big.

Baron:  Good.  I need a few sideline pieces.

Metro:  Got it, boss.

Baron:  What else we got?

National:  The U.N. is in high gear.  G20.   Mahmoud will have something, I’m sure.

Baron:  Right.  Done to death, though.  Anything new?

National:  There’s probably something more to flush out with ACORN, boss.

Baron:  Bah.  ACORN bores me.  Find a new angle and maybe we ‘ll find some room on Saturday.

National:  Done.   Any particular angle you’d like?

Baron:  Surprise me.

Of course, that’s all conjecture.  But, in the last week, there has only been ONE acorn story to make the front page of the Boston Globe, so I’m just not sure how else something like this happens:

    With conditions right, acorns go nuts

Instead of firing up its competitive spirit, after being embarrassed by the investigative journalism skills of two twenty-somethings with a $1300 budget, a mini-cam, and a faux fur shawl, the Globe takes the acorn news in an entirely different direction to give us important revelations such as:

“It hurt,’’ he said. “You stand outside and you can hear acorns hitting everything – cars, metal roofs, and it makes a tremendous sound. We get a good crop every few years, but I don’t recall one as heavy as this. We already have a significant coating on our lawn, and most of them still aren’t down.’’

Wesley Autio, a professor who studies trees at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, said he learned his lesson from the last time there was a bumper crop, when acorns destroyed his windshield. He has been parking his car inside this fall, but has not been spared altogether. Recently he got hit on the head while painting his house.

I laughed out loud.   Genuinely. It’s the natural reaction. Yes, let’s bail these folks out. They’re too important to lose. Heh.