Aaron Schock: watch for this guy

I wrote a blurb about Congressman Aaron Schock the other day, after happening across an article on the “first generation-Y representative”. His name came up last week also, in that none other than Barack Obama implored Caterpillar employees to harrangue the Congressman into supporting his leviathan spending bill. The Congressman respectfully declined, as did the bulk of Caterpillar employees.

Schock is an interesting fellow. 27, elected in a marginal Democrat district that went for Obama, and yet he is very solidly conservative in his values and voting record. He had similar results as a state representative, winning by a good margin in a Democrat district. So how does he do it? Seems like a combination of earnestness and hard work. People believe he’s acting in their best interests. They trust him. He has an interesting how-to for Republicans on his website (cheekily titled “A Schock to the system”). Perhaps not surprisingly, in it the words of another rising Republican star appear:

Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia is the House Chief Deputy Whip (the Number Four Republican leader) and has hosted events for Schock’s campaigns and said, “Aaron Schock is the role model for what our party needs to do to win back the voters we have lost in recent years. He will re-energize our party in Congress and I strongly support his election.”

Watch this guy. If he can keep the energy and stay clean, he may be the future.