Your duty to NOT vote

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio waxes maudlin in a recent Internet video:

“‘If you’re not going to vote I don’t even know what to say to you anymore,’ DiCaprio says after the video turns serious. ‘You know you have to vote.'”

I argue you have the duty NOT to vote if you are not well-informed of the salient issues before us. That the issues one understands are substantially important is just as critical as is the breadth of issues one understands.

The vast majority of people who will vote for Barack Obama in a month are misinformed or uninformed as to anything that matters today or will matter tomorrow – or a thousand years from now.

Of the few American Liberal ideologues who know history, they believe the future does not have to be grounded in the lessons of the past. Thus, they do not teach the past, except where it supports their view of the future. The non-ideological followers (perhaps 50-75% of Obama supporters) do not seriously investigate the claims of the ideologues. Thus our present circumstance.

Thus, President Obama.

If you are well-informed, having investigated objectively at least 2 sides of a myriad of issues, you do have a duty to vote. Otherwise, you have a civic duty not to vote.

Originally posted 10/2/2008 on OpEds.com.