I Want To Vote For A Black Man!

I want to vote for a black man. I would love to vote for a woman for that matter. Or a Jew. Or a paraplegic. In fact, I’d really like to vote for a wheelchair-bound Jewish black woman. That would pretty much forever eliminate this ridiculous argument that America, as a whole, discriminates on the basis of skin color, sex, religion, or physical abilities.

I want to vote for a black man – just not the black man Barack Obama. He does not share my values – values which guide my decisions. He does not share my respect of history – respect which helps illuminate the future. He does not share my line of reasoning – reasoning which… which gets this word… “reason”, and places the head above the heart in serious matters of public policy.I would love to vote for Obama were he a libertarian or conservative of any ilk. But he’s about as far from these descriptions as is possible.

Memo to the race-baiters in the media: there are plenty more like me, people who vote for a candidate based on his actions, thoughts, and character… NOT on what shade of skin happens to encapsulate his frame.

Dennis Prager writes about a potentially explosive topic, which saddens me greatly for the gross stupidity of it all:

“Seven weeks before the 2008 presidential election, liberals are warning America that if Barack Obama loses, it is because Americans are racist. Of course, that this means that Democrats (and independents) are racist, since Republicans will vote Republican regardless of the race of the Democrat, is an irony apparently lost on the Democrats making these charges.

“That an Obama loss will be due to racism is becoming as normative a liberal belief as ‘Bush Lied, People Died,’ a belief has generated intense rage among many liberals. …

“And it could become a rage the likes of which America has not seen in a long time, if ever. It will first and foremost come from within black America. The deep emotional connection that nearly every black American has to an Obama victory is difficult for even empathetic non-blacks to measure. A major evangelical pastor told me that even evangelical black pastors who share every conservative value with white evangelical pastors, including pro-life views on abortion, will vote for Obama. They feel their very dignity is on the line.”

Merriam-Webster defines dignity as “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed”. What is a dignity that derives itself from nothing more than a shared skin color? Recall that Barack Obama was derided by many blacks early on as “not black enough”. Though he was raised in largely white circles, he is now suddenly black “enough”? I think the earlier estimation by many was correct – that Obama’s experience has been significantly different from mainstream African American culture. So what is then “enough” but skin color?

Is my dignity in some way enhanced when a white man is elected president?

John McWhorter wrote in 2006 about this subject and I heard him recently state he would be voting for Obama for the primary reason that because he is black, this would, as I argue, end the race card being played. More importantly, McWhorter states this is enough of a reason to select a President. McWhorter is a black man and at least philosophically right of center on many issues. Forget the myriad issues with Obama’s Marxist background and his lack of transparency; it is yet troubling that McWhorter would jettison all that he’s argued for – namely, treating blacks as true equals, including not giving preferences based on race – in order to in effect, give a preference – vote – based on race.

Seems a lot of blacks – and a lot of whites – are doing this.

Still, in the minds of far too many, if Obama loses it will be just that – not McCain’s victory – but Obama’s defeat, a defeat at the hands of white racism.

Original verison posted at OpEds.com, 9/24/2008.