Recently I read a blog post about a bright up and comer in the race for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. His name is Bill Johnson, and from all I have read about him, the videos and recordings that I have listened to on YouTube by him, I am excited to say that this guy is the “Real Deal”!

You know what I mean…he’s one of those “that’s all I can stand, I can’t stand any more” Conservatives, who decided to step up to the plate and fight the big Washington political machine. He is the sort of candidate that all of us yearn to see everywhere. Like us, fed up and wanting to make a difference!

For months the campaign in Kentucky has been between RINO McConnell’s hand picked man, Trey Grayson and mostly Libertarian funded, “Republican” Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul, and all that means. Neither man in my opinion is a grass roots candidate. Money…and lots of it is rolling these two guys along. Grayson has RNC financial backing, and though Paul’s coffers boast small donations, much of this money is sent by Ron Paul fans from all around the world.

Johnson, on the other hand, is a businessman who has financed his own campaign with money from his own savings and retirement, while counting on grass roots support as he goes along. Like other ‘under dog’ Conservative candidates around the nation, I believe Bill Johnson will excite the tea party base, just like Hoffman did in NY and Scott Brown is doing now in Massachusetts.

Check out Johnson’s website: KentuckyBill.com I guarantee that you’ll like the man you see! If you’re a grass roots activist that now sees a need to get behind the Conservative candidates with donations, like I have, I think you’ll see that Bill Johnson is someone who stands for all the things we have marched and blogged and labored for over the last year.

Read more about Bill Johnson’s campaign here.